2 HOT items from LV & a lit' something from Tiffany (LOTSA PIXS)

  1. :roflmfao: Very happy to share with you my newest newest purchase!!!!! Few weeks ago, when I bought the violette bellevue I told myself that I have to be on a ban.. but today when I saw her I told myself the ban can wait, not this bag... :wlae: After leaving the store, immediately I text my SA who was on leave that I bought her and she replied 'Good Choice' :rolleyes:

    The montorgueil GM is just nice for my daily usage (although its huge but the size is comparable to a BH) so I chose this over the PM and the pomme cles is just TDF!!!! And it was the LAST PIECE !!! I just got to grab it before its sold out! Yippeee.... so so estastic now!! :heart:

    Last but not least, I passed by Tiffany and pop in to see my favourite 'STAR-FISH' Necklace and finally bought her home! :love: It was indeed a very fruitful day for me.. hahaha... thanks to my wonderful sons who accompanied me throughout this trip...
    DSC01014.JPG DSC01015.JPG DSC01016.JPG DSC01017.JPG DSC01019.JPG
  2. My Necklace from Tiffany!!! Isn't she Lovely:yes:
    DSC01022.JPG DSC01023.JPG DSC01013.JPG DSC01024.JPG
  3. :drool: Congrats!! It looks nice on you! :tup:
  4. Congratulations on all your great additions! :tup:
    :heart: montorgueil! And the cles is yummy.
  5. Congrats!
  6. wow nice bag, great choice
  7. wow great day for u, ur boys are sweet
  8. Love it all. Congratulations!
  9. congrats! love all your goodies. enjoy them!
  10. Ooohhhhh everything is so gorgeous!!! I will have to stay away from the boutique when the Montorgueil comes out in the states!
  11. Congrats on your LV goodies...the Tiffany necklace is super cute too!
  12. Aw, congrats on both, I really love it!
  13. You are soooo lucky!! I love all your new stuff...Enjoy!!
  14. That was a great shopping day!!! Congrats!
  15. Great goodies! Everything is really pretty , Congrats!