1. Okay, I had TWO FED-EX GUYS at my door delivering my boxes.....Sorry Shopmom, they sent the FORCE!! They WERE kinda cute.

    DH calls me from work, right after I closed the door, and I told him that my purses were back....he was telling me something and I told him "I CAN"T CONCENTRATE":push: .....so he says..."are you having an ORG*SM??" and he got his colleagues attention!:wtf: ....I told him to call back....I"M BUSY!!

    1. Okay, Here is MS. KELLY: 1945 Black Box GoldHardware Retourne 32cm


    2. MS. Kelly: Indigo Blue Box Palladium Hardware Sellier 28cm


    I'm so glad they are back!! Waited awhile!, but they look GREAT!:heart:
  2. Two hot H-Babes !!! Congrats !
  3. anHermesLover...They look fantastic...two really pretty Kellys!!!
  4. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    This morning I was thinking of that Kelly!!!!! OMG!!! I really was!!

    They are gorgeousl I am slipping off my chair, I am so happy for you!
    Its just, ------------OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a happy happy day! Congratulations!
  5. They look so refreshed and beautiful! What a great feeling to have them home! You must go out on the town, at least twice, immediately!

    They are real beauties. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. FABBO!!!! They look GREAT!!

    No wonder you were orgasaming!!
  7. Too gorgeous! Say, could I ask for a close-up, so we can see the spa treatment in all its glory? TIA!
  8. o my god...
    they look great!
    wonder how long you have to wait for them to come back from vacation...
    congratulations^ ^
  9. :heart: Box, box, box:heart:

    BTW, did they get the scratch out of the leather on the indigo from your wedding ring?
  10. Beautiful girls! You must have missed them.
  11. oh wow! brandspanking new! fabulous!
  12. OMG!!!!!!!! WOW, these girls are GORGEOUS! 1945?????? ....she's bloody stunning! I'll bet you were so anxious to get them back......I would have been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They're beautiful........I'm drooling over here!!!!!!!
  13. Congratulations! I get the idea that you're happy!? *wink-wink* Your husband cracks me up. Wonder how he explained that comment at work?
  14. oh wow....that 1945 black box is really, truly, a piece of art. no wonder you couldn't concentrate!!
  15. Congrats, they look so fresh and young!