2 Great Botkiers at Active Endeavors

  1. :wtf: Here are the links to the two bags-great deals-no additional % off though as they are sale merchandise. www.activeendeavors.com/sale

    [​IMG]The medium Carlton was $935-now $280!!!!!
    [​IMG]In chocolate hobo w/python was $925-now $462!

    Hop on em!:yahoo:
  2. Both are gorgeous bags but especially love that Carlton! I'm trying to resist since I just got a Kooba Mackenzie clutch last week. Thanks for posting this with the links, too.
  3. I loved loved the trigger but not a big fan of botkier anymore! they should go back to the trigger!
  4. I BOUGHT THE chocolate hobo w/python~ IT'S SO PRETTY~~~:love:
  5. & Just got medium Carlton for my mommy for Mother's Day~ maybe i'll be nice to give it to her early~~:whistle:
  6. xpuffystaticx - you are such a sweetie. your mom will love her Botkier!
  7. Congrats-I love that Carlton handbag. I wish that my boys would buy it for me! You are a wonderfull daughter!:smile: