2 for the price of 1

  1. those with unlined bags (evelyne, picotin) get to experience a pretty cool treat inside - suede. i was wondering, does the suede interior differ from leather to leather? is the suede interior of a box, barenia, togo, clemence, epsom etc. etc. all the same?

    and then with sueded, i believe it's called "doblis" (apologies if i goofed that), leather on the outside of the bag, what leather do they use for that? those with suede evelynes and picotins, i would really love to know what leather you can see inside, but then also with any
    suede bag (kelly, birkin, etc.) that is lined, did you ever ask what the leather is, the sueded exterior i mean (what the reverse side of the suede is from?). i've never heard suede bags discussed, leather-wise, in terms of feeling mou or rigid, etc.
  2. i'll add that the suede in my togo is very very short (but with a brush to it, i mean you can change the direction), very very soft... very lovely :love:
  3. The inside of my Clemence Picotin is such soft yummy dark chocolate...:drool:
  4. I have a suede picotin and the inside is leather, didn't bring it with me here, I wonder now too what leather it is... I was wondering if it was possible to wear inside out ;)
  5. is the suede short or long?
  6. lol, no. the feet!

    you've got the check the leather inside when you get back!!