2 Florida Kitties need home ASAP

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  1. A person on another group I'm on is in desperate need for a foster or furever home for a bonded pair of kitties. It is 2 spayed female sisters, indoor only, with toenails. She is about 20 miles from Daytona, FL.

    She was petsitting them for a butt nugget that abandoned them with her. She needs to move next weekend and can't take the cats with her. She isn't on facebook, and for safety reasons, can't post her personal information, but will take PM's. The local shelters are full up, and kill shelters.

    If you have space for a couple of kitties, you can PM me here and I can pass on the info.
  2. Holding good thoughts that someone can help.
    Also 'butt nugget' is my new favourite description.
  3. fingers crossed someone from Florida, or a neighbouring State can take these kitties in....what an Ahole

    how can someone just abandon their pets!? idiot.
  4. FricknFrack is in FL. maybe she knows someone?
  5. Where in FL is she?
  6. What part of FL?
  7. There are transport networks that might be able to help get the cats out of Florida. One is Underground Rail Road Kitty Network, and I think there may be others. The main thing is to find a way to get the girls to safety before the pet sitter has to leave her current place and send the kitties to :crybaby:
  8. Where in FL is she?
  9. What part of FL?
  10. I think fricks in the fort Lauderdale area? I could be wrong though! it was only mentioned in a conversation a while back
  11. :tup:
  12. I posted this in a private FB group for charity purposes. i'll let you know if anyone bites....poor babies :sad:
  13. one of my friends on FB recommended these following fosters in the Daytona area:
    don't know too many people still in the Daytona area regarding adoptions. But people you can try (I haven't lived there in years so people may have changed) are Liz at Petsmart in Daytona (she ran the cat adoption area when I was there), Halifax Humane Society, ARNI Foundation, Second Chance Rescue (to be totally honest Im not a big fan of them, but if they can help help it is what it is) or try calling Petco in Port Orange and speak with Kristy or Cami (you can say I said to call) and they may point you in the right direction. You can also try Dog Dayz Inn in New Smyrna Beach (again I'm not a huge fan of the place or the owner but sometimes she will take animals in that need adopting),

    can you pass this information along to the kitty sitter?