-2 Feedback!

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  1. Just curious...how does someone get an "in the negative" feedback? I just saw someone's account and am inexperienced in the eBay ways enough to not get it! Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm just a little...:confused1:
  2. If sellers/buyers keep giving them negative feedback. Each negative feedback comment cancels out one positive one and lowers the total they have. In this case, it sounds like they started out with 0 like everyone does, then had two bad transactions that garnered negative feedback comments.
  3. If someone gets a negative feedback, or multiple negative feedbacks they can actually have a negative feedback score. Each negative feedback subtracts from your score. For example, if someone had a feedback score of 1 positive feedback and then got a negative feedback, their score would go down to 0. Most people that have a total score that is negative are buyers who had no feedback and then didn't pay a seller and the seller then left them negative feedback.
  4. Thank you-- I thought 0 was the bottom but it's not the case! I can't imagine trying to keep an account with -2! Who would want to do business with them.