2 dylans came today ....

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  1. zucca dylan .... yummmy yummy! :yahoo:

    happy mail day .... my amazon steals came today ... love that prime 2 day shipping .... the zucca med tote is the squishy goodness i was looking for ... i love the color ... the weight is totally manageable although for such a shorty the length is a little on the long side cross bodied (might look better when i'm not so round) .... but i totally heart it! yeay!!! i want to use it as a pillow ... lol

    sharing pics ....




  2. my other dylan that arrived was the disco dylan clutch in espresso .... this one wasn't quite the same love at first sight ..... nothing wrong w/it .... smooshy goodness, nice neutral brown, decent size for a camera, cell, cards, keys - just the basics .... it might be b/c my belly dwarfs it so much of b/c i was wearing black ... or maybe it was the gold hardware that just looked soooo blingy in contrast to the deep brown on such a little bag? it just didn't make me swoon ... but it's a great neutral, basic, small crossbody .... i haven't decided if this one will stay yet ... i think the other thing is - i'm a sahm of 3 (soon to be 4), ages 6, 4, and 2 ... let's face it ... even tho all of them are potty trained, how often do i carry such a tiny bag? i don't have a basic brown small bag tho so i thought i'd try it out esp for such a steal of a price ..... wdyt?


  3. AtelierPax - I love your zucca Dylan!!! The color is so striking. Both you and the bag look fantastic! If I looked so great after my 3, I might have had a fourth too... Boy, you've really put zucca on my radar. How could I have ignored this color for so long...

    I also ordered the disco clutch from Amazon and I was wondering if I'd like it. But seeing yours, I'm sure glad I got it. You can't beat the price. And, I think you will find a lot of opportunities to use it with your little ones - e.g. when you have a diaper/kid bag with a stroller and you want your stuff in your own little bag. I got the black/gold, but I'm really liking your brown!

  4. OMG, yours bags look fabulous and so do YOU!! Well done!!

  5. LOVE the zucca, and I usually hate orange! Did you adjust the strap? I am sure it can go shorter crossbody for you.
  6. I love the both bags and you look awesome rocking both of them. Congrats on your upcoming miracle.

  7. The zucca looks awsome! How tall are you? When is your little one due? I'm having my 3rd, I should be having my c-section in January.
  8. I love your bags. I got the Zucca a few weeks ago from Bluefly for a great price. I love it. Perfect shade of orange. Congrats on your baby. You look great!
  9. APax - I :heart: the zucca! I am a big fan of fall colors...oranges, reds, and browns. I like the disco bag but I carry too much stuff...and I feel "lost" if I leave any of it behind. lol

    You are so cute! Thanks for posting pics.
  10. Love the color of that zucca tote and best wishes on your pregnancy!
  11. wow u look so beautiful, congrats on the 4th baby! i want your bags and radiance lol!
  12. *blush*

    thanks ladies for all the compliments and well wishes for the pregnancy! i just needed some smooshy goodness before i'm back to a more wipeable diaper bag .... ;) all of you helped so much answering my Q's so i could find the bag that fit ....

    *carmelita* ... i contemplated the black disco too but i already have a smaller clutch type bag in black that very rarely gets used .... i bet the black is really nice ... i'd love to see how it looks on you!

    *kristen* ... i did adjust the strap on the zucca ... i probably could shorten some more but i think it looked a little strange w/my belly right now ... LOL

    *babidius* ... i am 5'2" due 1.1.11 ... =) ... when are you have your c-section? we are due date buddies!

    *robin* ... i totally agree w/you that zucca is like the perfect shade of orange!

    *cathead* ... that's totally my reason for not knowing if i should keep the disco ... i feel like i'm missing something and especially w/the kids i always feel like i need to be "prepared" ... lol

  13. AtelierPax- you are the cutest pregnant gal!! The zucca looks great on you... it gives a wonderful pop of color :tup:
  14. By the way, I only have one little daughter, and that disco clutch would be a wee bit small for me. With 3 (soon-to-be-4) kids, you could fit... ummm... some baby wipes and 5 cheerios? Unless you're planning to use it for kid-free excursions... then it's the perfect size!
  15. That's a beautiful bag!