~2 drews in one month~ A new Chloé obsession

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  1. Because two is always better than one right?! I was literally obsessed with the thought of getting a new style of handbag... and then it happened... the Chloe drew popped into my mind. I was never a fan because I felt like the bag was a little too trendy in the beginning and that maybe the style would fade away into the night, as so many "it" bags have. Well when I received a quite generous gift in the mail from a family member one day, I couldn't believe how wrong I was in my theory. There was absolutely no way that this stunning bag in front of me would fade anytime soon. And if it did, I would have zero respect left for the fashion community. [emoji12] Well long story short, I loved the bag so much I decided to purchase a small (the first being a mini), and I'm so in love with both[emoji7] IMG_1479416942.023481.jpg IMG_1479416969.742156.jpg IMG_1479417019.054547.jpg IMG_1479417075.779768.jpg IMG_1479417090.798956.jpg IMG_1479417103.465656.jpg
  2. That bi-color/bi-material mini or nano is gorgeous. I typically abhor bi-color bags so I'm shocked how much I like it but it's beautiful. Congrats and enjoy.
  3. Thank you so much! I do find the embellishments and suede make it all the more special.
  4. How are you finding the suede material in terms of maintenance?

    I just bought the same style in blue and it is stunning! I haven't used it yet though, and I'm contemplating exchanging it for a pure leather version - simply because I'm worried the suede will get too dirty/damaged, etc.

    How long have you had your suede version, and is it still ok?

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  5. Congrats, these Drews are gorgeous. I love that you purchased on unconventional color combo and one traditional one. Wear them in good health!
  6. Thank you so much [emoji4] funny enough my boyfriend got me ANOTHER one for Christmas! Guess he figured I really love my drew bags hahah IMG_1483328702.043331.jpg IMG_1483328740.378421.jpg
  7. Lucky girl! I am really starting to love the Drew, and am trying to decide between the mini or small. I am 5'3 and love the size of the mini, but worry about how much it can carry. I don't carry much on a daily basis, but wouldn't want to invest that much into the bag if I can't at least fit my iphone plus, card carrier and makeup bag...
  8. Well personally I would go for the small instead of the mini, the mini is pretty small. I can't even get my makeup bag in there, so to me it's really more of a nighttime essentials bag.
  9. All great items and what generous gifts! Do you mind taking a mod shot of the mini on you?
  10. IMG_1484413373.040520.jpg
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