2 Dream pieces compared - ALZER vs BISTEN

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  1. Hello all tPF members,
    I just wanted to post a comparison betweeen 2 pieces of hardcase luggage. I am in the fortunate position to own the 2 said pieces. I own a Monogram Bisten 65 and also a Taiga Leather Green Alzer 70.

    Both pieces are under 10 years old and in really nice condition. Nice, good pieces in "honest" condition. I am very much a fan of using LV! Obviously careful use and not stupidity like checking in luggage for air travel.

    OK - When talking to people about the 2 items - most people automatically assume the Alzer will be better because it is more expensive (the Alzer has a tray inside the suitcase to store a suit and is also slightly wider). Personally I like both items. The Alzer and Bisten are often mistaken for each other. When I bought my Bisten 65 - it was mistakenly advertised as an Alzer! I believe this confusion comes about because the Louis Vuitton website does not display the inner tray when you select the Alzer photos! It therefore fools people into thinking they are the same!

    The easiest way to differentiate between the 2 (without opening the case and seeing the extra inner removable tray) is by the extra STRAPPING on the front (near the locks). This strap is used to conceal the width needed for the exta inner tray.

    OK - Which piece do I prefer? That is the million dollar question...

    I PREFER THE BISTEN! There I said it.
    Personally I find the tray too delicate. I can see why this part is often missing in used Alzers! (because it has broken). Sure the inner removable tray is handy - but it is so fragile! Easily broken by children or overpacking.

    I also find the extra width of the Alzer too much! It does not have the nice proportions like the Bisten. I also asthetically do not like the extra strapping! I prefer the look of the Bisten.

    For travelling the Alzer is probably better - as it is deeper and holds more HOWEVER in every other way - I prefer the Bisten.

    The price difference is not 2 great. In Australia a Monogram Alzer 70 is AU$8700-, A Monogram Bisten 70 is AU$6500- My Alzer is however in Taiga leather and this is a heafty premium for Special Order ! The Taiga leather version also has the added luxury of a velour interrior instead of Vuittonite. I believe a Taiga Alzer would be about AU$12,000- ...ouch!

    Personally I find the Taiga green a perfect color. A perfect color for a gentleman to use. My wife does not particularly like the green. I have been in love with that green ever since it was released in the late 90s.

    I am very glad to own an Alzer. However if I was to say which piece is best.... I would say the Bisten is best!

    If I had a sponsor (ie sugar lady, cougar) and she was buying..... I would say - instead of buying me an Alzer - can you please make it a Bisten and a Keepall!


    ALZER 70


    BISTEN 65

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  2. great pieces!!!!!!
  3. How is the weight of these cases? Is one heavier than the other? Are they heavy in general?

    I like your end decision: Bisten and a Keepall

    Enjoy your beautiful cases.
  4. Hello,
    They are both heavy compared to conventional luggage. The Alzer is certainly heavier than the Bisten - however this could be due to the Alzer being leather (Taiga Green) and the larger size. the Alzer is about 10 larger. The Alzer weighs about 11Kg.

    The Bisten is certainly no feather weight either. Personally I don't mind the weight as it is a sign of quality manufacturing!

    Once either one of these suitcases is loaded with clothes/supplies they are infact both quite heavy. The Bisten is good however the Alzer is getting really heavy once loaded!
  5. The Bisten 70 is about 12 pounds.
    The Alzer 70 is about 18 pounds.

    When I fill up a Bisten 70 with "the usual" clothing and toiletry for travel, and include some papers/books (4-5 pounds), the suitcase ends at 36-40 pounds. You cannot fit anymore.

    The Alzer easily gets above the usual limit of 46 pounds for most airlines (some is 40 pounds) when you pack it with "normal stuff". The more space will end up being mores tuff. To keep the Alzer under normal weight allowance, you pack it only with knitwear, shoes and other lightweight stuff.
    The Alzer comes with a 2.5 pound interior tray that you can leave home, and it also comes with the 2 pounds protective cover which you don't need to use.

    I agree the Bisten is the perfect travel suitcase. It's fairly lightweight in itself (compared to Samsonite with wheels (12 pounds) and other traditional suitcases for checkin). It takes a lot of beating and keeps going. The oldest of mine have gone through 200+ countries as it is.
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  6. Hey thorsten! Great to see you in the purse forums!!! Have fun!