2 DOGS IN ONE HOUSE...er....NEW PICS!!!-LOL!making out??LOL!

  1. OK- I have a ten year old SHiba Inu..and 2-3 months ago..we got Ripley...our newest Shiba puppy.he is a tad psycho..LOL...a bit hyper but with training classes..he is calming down a tad...
    My problem is that I have never ever had 2 dogs before and they are constantly ...um..making out(yes,they are both boys...LMAO!)..I mean..I could be sitting on the computer for 3 hours and they are licking each other,tongues chomping FOR HOURS..LOL..IS this normal>>>DONT LAUGH!...ITS DRIVING ME NUTS...!!!!!!!!!....they are all slobbery and the noises it makes is just gaggy..LOL....I had house guests that were like...WTH????
    Please if you have 2 dogs....do they do this?
  2. :wtf: LOL! I had two dogs growing up, but never had that happen. Now I've only got one crazy pug! Sorry I'm no help. Good luck!
  3. .............that reminds me of an old joke.
  4. Our family has two dogs--sisters--and they occassionally lick each other's faces. I think it's a submissive thing or "affectionate" expression. But I think it's a more common behavior in puppies... My dogs did it less and less as they got older.
  5. Sometimes one of our younger ones will lick an elder's mouth and only will stop when the lip curls a bit on the older one or we tell them to stop for fear that the older one might snap. I thought it was a sign of 'who is the boss'.... Our alpha does not put up with any type of licking from others (she's the boss). That's pretty funny that your 10 year old allows it to go on & on & on........:biggrin:
  6. Two of my cats "make-out" all the time -- kissing each other, grooming, and doing some odd dominance thing that looks like "humping," lol, even though they are spayed and neutered. I have less experience w/ dogs but it sounds like this may be a "puppy thing."

    Hope they improve soon or you can charge fees for a live sex show -- targetted to the gay community, w/ two males, lol:smile:
  7. I've never had that problem. Maybe the older dog thinks of Ripley as his pup.LOL! I used to do dog grooming about 3 years ago & we had a lesbian couple (dogs) & the older one was soo mean we couldn't even get the one dog out of the cage w/out being bit. It was so protected of the other dog. We had to literally rope the mean dog by the neck & pull her out of the cage first to get to the other one. Those dogs didn't even live together one was owned by the daughter & the other by the mother. I'm not saying that's your case though.
  8. LMAO Jill!! I have no advice for you but your post was a nice change of pace after reading about those poor dogs that were killed.
  9. I guess I shouldnt be upset by it...cuz they hated each other in the beginning..Now they play with each other..LOL..
    .....OMG..its very loud..IM NOT KIDDING......
  10. My cats are all friendly and stuff, always licking each other and sometimes getting a little kinky. I have a male and female, both fixed, but they just love each other, literally. Their happiness brings me such joy, you can't imagine, and it's just entertaining to watch.
  11. Awe my boys do it all the time. They also clean eachothers ears out. They are 2 and 4 so I dont think they are going to grow out of it. Personally, I think its cute. Its bonding.
  12. I think it's cute.
  13. it was cute...for the first hour,then 3 hours later...the slobber and NOISE...bleck...it NEVER STOPS!!LOL! I SWEAR!!!!!Im gonna post pics..its the weirdest thing ever!!!!!!HEE!HEE!HEE!
    think of the LOUDEST slobbery noises..slurps and all..going on all day for hours..GET THE PICTURE??????
  14. ROFL:roflmfao:
  15. PS- My 16 year old calls them the BROKEBACK DOGGIES......I swear..LMAO...