2 different straps? --> went to the boutique today!

  1. So maybe you guys remember my last thread about the straps of my BH being different.
    I went to the boutique today and well, the SA told me my bag was okay and it was normal.
    The SA was really nice, she took the time too look at the straps and explained how this has happend (rubbing) and that it was normal. She gave me the advice to tan it, than it would look more even. So I dind't hear anything i dind't allready know but it's ok.
    I was a little dissapointed but on the other hand, this is my baby! I took her home all the way from Italy! I'm just gonna tan her and take real good care of her, nobody is perfect right?

    a little offtopic but the SA showed me the MC speedy and told me it was designed by Marc Jacobs. I always tought it was a design of Murakami! Or did Murakami only come up with the colors?
  2. I am glad your BH is better now.
  3. I hope it wouldn't bother you anymore when it's tanned a bit!

    And as far as I know Takashi Murakami did design the Speedy - but I looked it up and I saw Murakami and Marc Jacobs designed it together!
  4. The MC line was designed by both of them! I am glad to hear that your bag is ok!
  5. great your bag is Ok. I have the MC speedy in black and white, its a gorgeous bag.
  6. Glad to hear that it worked out. Congrats!
  7. I'm glad your bag is going to be ok. I always thought Marc Jacobs designed the bag and Murakami came up with the colors.
  8. so glad to hear your baby is ok...
  9. Glad to hear this is normal...my patchwork speedy is like that.
  10. I'm glad to hear you are happy with the BH! =)
  11. enjoy your bag she's great!
  12. thanks everyone!

    today i wanted to let my baby tan a bit, and now the sun isn't shining! arg!