2 different straps? Please help (including pic!)

  1. About 2 weeks ago i bought this BH in Rome
    It was the last one in the store and i did a quick inspection but dind't really paid attention to the straps
    I have used the bag about 3 or 4 times and I think 1 have 2 different straps!!
    1 is smooth and normal like all the other leather parts on my bag and like the handels of my speedy.
    The other one feels a little suede-ish and has got a stain and black marks on it allready! I haven't touched it with dirty hands or anything so i don't understand!
    Anyway, here is a picture of the straps, the left one is normal and the other one looks off to me
    Is this because of the 2 straps being on each other when i wear it on my shoulder? (but i wear the right one on top so this doens't really make sence..)
    What should i do? I have sprayed the straps with a waterprotection spray but I don't think that is the cause of the problem because all the other leather parts are ok!

    Help :crybaby:
  2. This is how the straps are on my patchwork speedy...they're not different in texture, but are different colors.....unbelievable!!! It looks better with time, but it made me mad for the price I paid. Didn't notice it until I used it either.
  3. Thats the thing, if i paid 50 bucks for the bag i wouldn't mind, but 520!! I'm a student, had to save up big time for this :sad:
    I know they will patina and maybe the texture thing wouldn't be a big deal anymore but still..
  4. anyone?
    I'm thinking if i should go to the nearest lv store (in belgium, so not the store where i bought the bag) but could they do anything for me?
    I have used the bag and there is a stain on it..
  5. that's weird do you have a store you can go to to show them the problem?

    My speedy 25, both straps are the same but one is darker than the other it really bugs me so I understand
  6. even though it's not the store you got it from they should still help you it's one of their products and it's not like it differs country to country just make sure to take your receipt as it won't show on their computer
  7. thank you Label Addict! I have no experience with problems at LV so do you have an idea what they might do for me?
  8. It's funny, I noticed after a couple of weeks the straps on my Cabas Mezzo looked different too. The colour was the same but the texture was different. I presumed the vachetta was just drier on one, but I didn't want to put conditioner on it as it didn't have any patina as yet. Over time they have evened out and it is not noticeable anymore. However, if you are not happy with them you should take them to the LV near you. All bags have a warranty. I have never had to return anything, but they did fix a zipper once with no questions asked. Good Luck..... I am very interested to see what they say.
  9. thank you Sarah2808
    I think I go to the store next monday (have to work tomorrow :sad: )
    The SA's at the Antwerp store are always verry nice but i'm allready freaking out a bit
    But i have a few more days to work on my story ;)
  10. take it in and see what they say.. My lockit H was like that, two different colors. It didnt notice it for quite some time and in fact only noticed when taking some pic's of it.
  11. Thank you bag fetish! I'll go to the store on monday!
  12. My large bucket and my BH both are like that. I know I've seen a thread on this in the past and I seem to remember it happens quite frequently. If it really bothers you, take it in for sure and see what they say about it.
  13. I'd like to say that it's leather and there will be variations that make your bag special. Just like each bag is handmade by real people, but those are just words and I'm not in your shoes. If the difference bothers you, that's not a good feeling.
  14. Return the bag.
  15. thank you, i'm aware of the fact that leather can look a bit different.
    it does really bothers me and i don't know why! I hate that because i don't want to go to the store and have the SA's think i'm overreacting..

    It also bothers me that the 'different' strap has black marks on the other side which i can't explain
    At his point I kind of wished I bought an damier bag :sad: I love louis and this is so dissapointing for me!
    I could live with the fact that my zipper in my wallet messed up the inside leather in a few days, then why is this really bothering me?