2 Different Apples, and which one do you use for what?

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  1. I just noticed on the the leatherstuff website that they have two apples. One is a rain and stain repellant and one is a leather cleaner...

    Which one do you really use for what?
    I always use the leather cleaner to condition new bags, but I have never used a stain repelland, just now noticed it on the website...

    Should I first use the cleaner/moisturizer and then the repellant, or just one of them? Now I m confused. I've tried to do a seach, but I couldn't find a thread where both are explained....

    Use both, or just one? And which one is more important? Or does it depend on the color of a bag? :confused1: Please advise...
  2. The leather cleaner and leather care are not the same thing. Generally I only use the Leather care (moisturizer) on my coach bags and it seems to be enough to keep everything nice. I have used the rain and stain on a few bags, but usually I don't think its necessary. I do use it on my one suede bag though and it works nicely.
  3. The cleaner and conditioner are two different products. The cleaner is too harsh for some leather bags so I don't even own it. I use the conditioner though for all of my leather bags. I then use the rain and stain repellant and spray after conditioning.
  4. cleaner: clean something "already" dirty.
    rain and stain repellant: spray to PREVENT further staining.
    conditioner: soften the leather
  5. I usually condition the bags and then the repellent. Not all need it but I do the repellent on all the suede.