2 DAYs to go!!!Need your helps~~~!!!

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What should i get

  1. MC Petit Noe + Lockit Horizontal

  2. MC Petit Noe + MC large Agenda

  3. Lockit Horizontal + MC Large Agenda

  4. ALL three (I wish i could, we'll see...)

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  1. I'm going overseas in 2 weeks:p , and i've decided to get some LVs off my list before i go (God bless the 10% TRS refund:heart: ). But i'm still debating what should i get:shrugs: ???

    I'm in my early 20s,5'7, 105lbs. Also, i'll start my Psychology (Honor) year in Feb, which means more heavy textbooks....:push:

    HAVE: BV, Azur speedy 30, Denim baggy GM, Balenciaga rouge work.

    Oh, keep in mind, i'll have to bring all the LVs on the airplane with me, if i wanna get 10% tax back....

  2. Lockit & Large agenda (#3)
  3. ^^ I agree
  4. LH and MC Noe..more $$$ back from TRS:graucho: . OT where are you going?...would it be convenient for you to carry the bags with you...
  5. i voted for the petit noe and the lockit horizontal
  6. Yea...i'm leaning towards the LH and Noe, bigger saving:yes: !! But im not sure how i'm gonna take 2 Big & Brand New bags with me on the airplane........:sweatdrop:

    Oh, by the way, i'm goin to Nagoya:p ....
  7. :yes: MC Petit Noe + Lockit Horizontal:yes:
  8. i voted for the Lockit and Agenda, mainly because i'm not a fan of the drawstring style. anyway the Lockit is more practical, and it can hold a lot more than the Petit Noe
  9. MC Noe and Lockit Horizontal!!!!!!:wlae::graucho:
  10. :nuts: Japan,I LOVE Japan. You have a wonderful trip:love: . You can put the MC Noe inside the LH or hand luggage....just make sure the hardware of the Noe is wrapped properly....very challenging indeed:p
  11. I voted for the two bags!
  12. Thank you~ so you think the LH will be big enough to fit the Noe and my 15' powerbook?:nuts:
  13. By looking at the dimension I say it'll fit both but the Noe will have to be flatten and that's why the hardware and probably the vachetta strap have to be wrapped properly.:yes:
    LH- 17.3 x 12.2 x 5.1
    MC Noe- 10.6 x 9.8 x 7
  14. Thanks~~Lee:p definitely worth a try!!!

    Oh btw, do you know how much the LH and MC large agenda retail for (in AUD)?
  15. No worries :biggrin:. The LH is about $1360:confused1: ..can't remember correctly. No idea about the Agenda though sorry:p