2 Days in Paris

  1. I just felt so sorry for all you TPFrs waiting for the girls in Alaska to post pics of their trip. I did a walkabout in on Thursday and Friday this week to show you what H Paris has in its windows, and tell you what I found in its stores. My walk started at Amelie par Luxury, the esteemed reseller in the 7th arr. which will open next Saturday, 28 April. You will have to check out the Shopping, What have you seen etc thread for my visit there. Another TPFr has suggested I start a new thread (my first), so here goes.....
  2. Well, hope you checked out the start of this ramble through the boulevards, rues and avenues of Paris. Just to remind you of the last 2 pics - LZ store and the view around the corner from rue Saint Dominique
    paris 20 April 2007.JPG paris 2.JPG
  3. LOL.....thank you for taking pity on us gals who couldn't meet up in AK
  4. Thanks gmel, nice to meet you.
    This building under renovation......
    Paris 3.JPG
  5. I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. :nuts:
    Keep it coming!! Thank you so much, j'adore Paris!
  6. ....happens to be directly across the Avenue George V from this H (damn -can't resize pic of outside of shop at all - hope i get the windows ok...)
  7. Don't worry - the pics improve in quality - and I'm really pleased with those from FSH!
  8. That was nice, wasn't it? Brighton blue (?) bolide with Josephine danse plisse.......
  9. Next pic is a nice plume. I think the leather was epsom. Sorry about pic quality. Let's keep going. I think the white togo bolide is lovely.
    paris9.JPG paris10.JPG
  10. It was really difficult to take these pics because it was very sunny. There was one croc birkin + diamonds for over €100,000 in the shop. Two kellys were on display. The first was a 32 sellier gold kelly togo PH €4050. The second was also a 32 gold sellier Kelly, this time in Swift PH €4100. Both were lovely.
  11. The windows at FSH were spectacular. There was a big party when they were done last month and the new collections arrived.....here come the pics.......
  12. Do you like these two orange and fuchsia croc plumes?
  13. here'a a lovely 28 Kelly croc sellier, PH, sellier.
  14. Sorry for repeating sellier in previous post. Here'a a beautiful orange bag (what type?)with a Jungle Love scarf.
  15. [​IMG]