2 days in HK!!! Fleur Keyring and other goodies.

  1. :yahoo: My mini shopping spree in HK. Thought I'd share with you all the new :heart: of my tiny collection.


  2. your bag look sooo cute with the 2 keyrings :lol:. congrats!
  3. LOOOOOOOOOVE that keyring!!!!
  4. Cute..! :love:
  5. The keyrings are soo cute!
  6. Awww...love the keyrings!!! So cute!
  7. which size is it? neverfull

    and how much for the key rings?
  8. wow great haul!! the keyrings are so cute! congratulations
  9. love keyring
  10. gorgeous with one on each tie! congrats!
  11. :woohoo:Another shout out for cuteness!
  12. Cute! COngratulations! :yahoo:
  13. Thank you!

    The keyring is $1750 HKD, which is around $224 USD.
  14. Congrats!!!
    I love the headband
    could you just give abit of info about it please cause i REALLY want one!
  15. congrats !! love them all, the keyrings are adorable !