2 cute ladies in HH on the corner of Boylston & Exeter, Boston

  1. this is going to sound like a personals/craigslist ad, but i was so excited to see my first HH bags "in the wild" yesterday on two cute women on a corner in Boston - one had the Big Quilted Mimi in Banana and the other had a Nico in Ink. I was wearing my Louvre in Plum and we eyed each other's bags and smiled knowingly, but I was on the phone and couldn't tell them what i will have to say here and hope it gets through to them over tPF somehow: "LOOKIN' GOOD LADIES! :smile:" :yahoo:
  2. That's funny, I know what you mean about wanting to say, "Oh, you know about HH too." I saw a woman with a black Lorca at a local bagel place last week and wanted to say something but she was eating and involved in conversation so I didn't want to bother her.
  3. i always want to do the same thing but am always afraid too! i saw a girl in old navy last week with her AC black mini city while i had my butterscotch on. i would have said something to her but i was leaving as she was coming in. and today, i was at the same old navy and the woman walking in front of me had an HH black havana hobo! again, i was too afraid to say something b/c i think that she would have thought i was a nut. :s
  4. If I can, I always speak up and compliment someone on their nice handbag. Everybody is always appreciative, and it generally leads to a good handbag discussion if there's time ...

    I have yet to see a HH 'in the wild', but then I don't get out much. LOL.

    I DID get out yesterday to a local Wal-Mart (yes, I do know better, but it is a good place to buy paper goods) and the lady in front of me in line had the FAKEST Coach bag I've EVER seen in my life. It was so fake, it was obvious - the 'pleather' seams were atrocious, it was just fug-ugly. I am always curious as to what someone who carries a bag that fake is thinking - I mean, WHO is she trying to impress? Not anyone that really matters, I guess -

    But I digress. Heya, Jandelvis!