2 crazy LV lovers meet at LV * LOTS PICZ *

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  1. I meet sleepykitten here and been msning for a while, exchanging LV info everyday of what we saw, wanted to buy, warning on fake item, bargains etc.

    I went to Auckland on Monday for 3 days, so I planned to date her to go to Louis Vuitton for eye shopping or "shopping".

    We spent tuesday evening together in LV store, for almost one and a half hours, and decided we should meet again before I catch my flight at 1730.

    today we went to get our nails done (i got my toes done as well :love: ) then go to LV again.

    Its so fun to shop with someone who likes/loves LV as same as i do. Its totally different shopping with BF. We shares opinion, tried on different bags, just enjoying ourself in the shop with lots of LVsSsSsSsS.

    I had a lovely time with sleepkitten. so i just want to say thank you for your time. And let's meet again next time.

    I do suggest other tPF should meet and go to shopping together...... Just feel like I got other sister.... the joy is hard for me to type in words......

    Of cause, as the tilte said LOTS PICZ means, I did bought something...

    1. I bought two items from the store, and two I just received from a ebay seller.
    When my BF pick me up from the airport, seeing me hold another big LV bag, he was like :wtf:, said: you got another box at home waiting for you to open... ...

    2. So these are my new Damier Speedy 30 and Panda cles

    3. New Panda cles compare with used Fortune cles

    4. New hot stamp and old hot stamp. the Fortune cles's hot stamp mean to be CH3 as well, but it was done in March06, and the SA said she haven't got the number stamp, so i used a "E" to become "3"

    5. Package from ebay seller, my BF didn't know I bought this. Cause if I ask or tell him, he will just stop me buying them.... SUPER Thanks to John, Lee, Addy & Nola always help for auth.

  2. Glad to hear about your experience. Congrats on your items! But your pictures don't work...?
  3. Sounds like you have a great shopping/relaxing day with tpf member. Your purchases are great :smile: Enjoy !!
  4. 6. Here is mine......Conte de fees collection

    I LOVED this bags, they are so cute, I never like them b4 but i'm in LOVED with them now...



  5. I can see them.:shrugs:
  6. What a lovely thread! So glad you had a nice time together and I love your purchases!
  7. 7. I bought a Dior Pretty Charms too, look very nice on LV handbag
    here is the idea...



  8. OH really? why ... have to try reload?:crybaby:
  9. Oh, okay, nvm, my computer is acting lame...beautiful purchases!
  10. CB...excellent day...I'm glad you had a great time!!!! It is nice you found a new friend!!!:yahoo: It's fun to be crazy with somebody who understands you!

    LOVE your Damier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  11. congrats!!! love them all, very nice!
  12. omg!cuteee!
  13. ch3rryb3rry, Everything is so adorable!
  14. How cute, the both of you! Thanks for sharing :idea:
  15. Glad you had fun. Great purchases!!!