2 Coach Wristlets or 1 LV Pochette?

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Which one?

  1. 2 Coach wristlets

  2. 1 LV pochette

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you could choose between getting 2-3 Coach wristlets and 1 LV pochette, whch will you buy? And, why? A friend will go to the US and DH told me I could ask the friend to get me something but worth $250 only. Although we have an LV here so I could get one anytime. We don't have Coach here thus I want to get 2 wristlets.

    Please help! Thanks.:smile:
  2. I absolutely love the Coach leather wristlets, specifically the Kristin line. I've used mine non stop and they still look brand new! You really can't lose either way though. :smile:
  3. i would get a classic bag and really use it for every possible occasion, if i bought multiple wristlets I would end up using the favourite and the other would be a waste
  4. Coach has some lovely new wristlets and clutches out for the fall season. I would get one of those. Have you seen their new line up? Since you do not have a Coach I would go that route.
  5. well, unless your DH is willing to increase the price limit, $250 isn't really enough for an LV pochette. the closest one would be the mini pochette accessoires, which is $280, but it doesn't hold very much inside, so you would need to think about practicality vs. luxury brand.

    if it were me, i would get the 2 coach wristlets. they are very practical, and i love to slip them inside of my nicer bags. (kind of a bag within a bag- so handy for organization). and coach has so many cute styles, it's hard to pick just one. luckily you wouldn't have to.

    good luck though. either way you go, you win! :smile:
  6. i would def. get a LV pochette :lol:
  7. Go for the one you really want. Which will make you happier, the one Pochette, or two of the Coach? I voted for the the LV Pochette because I'm guessing that's what you will really love longer term.
  8. I agree!! But would like to add that if you have access to LV..Then I would definetly get 2 Coach wristlet's. (something different)I'am biased though, I only buy an carry Coach!!:P~GL~
  9. I say go for Coach....I've had both Coach wristlets and an LV mongram pochette, and the quality and durability of the Coach ones far outweighed the LV. Though LV is considered "luxury", I really don't think they're worth it.
  10. Definitely go for LV. The main reason is because it's more classy and timeless, the other reason is because LV goods never go on sale and will increase in price. On the other hand, Coach products go on sale, and they've been releasing many products each season that are too unique and in my opinion, isn't classic.
  11. I'm not bias here and I agree with you! There's something special about having something harder to get where you are, right?
  12. I think that sums it up. Plus, my COACH wristlets have held up very well.
  13. Agree.

    Agree. (I too have the mini-pochette, and it's really no bigger than the small-size Coach wristlets. It's much smaller than the "large" Coach wristlets.)


  14. Should have added ... it's not necessarily about which brand name you like "best."

    If you like both of those brands, and want things from both labels, then the fact of Coach being harder for you to obtain is indeed relevant. In other words, I agree --- it's not just a question of which brand name is more popular ... it might actually be more of a logistical decision. "Smart buying" and all that. :smile:
  15. That is interesting to hear. I am so over LV. I have my one LV and am really content with it. I am eyeing some MK and Coach's in the small clutch / wristlet categories myself. :smile: