2 clés or a ludlow wallet?

  1. I'm carrying a rather normal sized wallet now but it's just to big in my pochette. If I put it up I can't close the zipper anymore and if I put it down there's not much place left to put other things.

    I'm not carrying lots of stuff anyways! Just soms cards, a drivers license and some money (not much, I usally pay with my credit card: it hurts less if i spend too much :sweatdrop: )

    Now's my question: what should i do? Buy the ludlow or get two clés, one for my cards and one for my money?

    Is the ludlow really small, cause that's what I want! I compared the sizes I read on the site with my current wallet and it doesn't seem that much smaller...
  2. get a ludlow you really don't need two cleses... IMO
  3. i use my cles as a wallet: i have 6 cc's and some bills in it with lots of room (damier cles). i use a longchamp pliage purse in lilac for my change. the ludlow is super super cute, expecially in azur or pomme (would look great with azur!), i may get one in the future!
  4. Ludlow !!!
  5. Ludlow, its so cute!!!
  6. I would get a ludlow.
  7. I love my cles:heart: , but carrying two at once might be a bit much.
    I'd get the Ludlow in azur! It may be more practical
  8. I have the Ludlow! it is really compact and it fits perfect in a pochette!
  9. ludlow. it has 3 cc spots, but you can double up, then you just fold your bills in half, and stash your extra change in there as well
  10. I say a ludlow... but, what about a cozy?
  11. Ludlow, maybe dentelle?
  12. ludlow
  13. I believe Ayla uses two cles hooked together as a wallet. It seem to work well for her.
  14. A Cles and a Ludlow fit well in a pochette with few other items. I'd say get the Ludlow. I like using my framboise one with small bags and if I need more space, I'll throw in a cles.
  15. thanks for all the responses.
    I thought there wasn't a ludlow azur, am I so wrong?

    PS: I have a mini lin speedy ebony and damier pochette to match, which ludlow should I get?