2 claims this week!

  1. This really sucks.

    I just filed a claim with half.com, I never received a textbook that I paid for more than 3 weeks ago, no response from seller.

    What do I do now to get my money back?

    I also just filed another dispute because of a non-payer who purchased a book from me. I could have totally sold the book to someone else! THis person wasted my time for two weeks, and students probably do not need it anymore. Frustrating.

    I want to leave negative feedback, but I'm afraid they will do the same. What should I do?

    THANK GOD these were only textbooks!!
  2. Wait until you've received your FVF. Then leave negative feedback. They deserve it and cannot retaliate after they've received a NPB strike for that item. I'm sorry you've had to deal with these flakes.
  3. ^I think it is only if they do not respond. If they do respond, then they can still leave feedback.
  4. What's FVF?
  5. If the seller at half.com cannot prove that the item was received (via delivery confirmation) then you will have your money refunded. They do make you wait a certain amount of time to be sure though, I thought it was 3 weeks but it's been a while since I checked.

  6. FVF=final value fee
  7. Thanks for the help!