2 Chanels in 3 weeks!

  1. Three weeks ago I bought a Grand Shopper... today I added a blue east/west bag! Had to get it before the price increase (which my SA finally admitted to, though reluctantly!). Thanks for letting me share! I adore you ladies!

  2. Beautiful bags! Congrats. I adore the GST. And I've never seen that color in the east-west. You are so set for spring!
  3. I just love your bags. I got the beige one last year, it was love at first sight.
  4. congrats....
    i love them both....
  5. Your bags are GORGEOUS! I have the east/west in the violet & love it! I'm planning on getting the beige GST next week & seeing the picture of yours just made me want it more :love:
  6. Wow, congrats! I especially love the color of the east/west!
  7. Gosh, everyone is buying timeless classics up before the increase. I'm feeling the pressure.:sweatdrop:
  8. Congrats! I love them both! I love the blue fonce color of your East/West.
  9. ooooh, very pretty. The colors compliment each other nicely... (in case you feel like wearing both at once, right? :graucho: )

  10. Smooth, you should get some more too !!!

    Congraz on the New bags !!!!! Love the Blue Flap :heart:
  11. I love your east/west flap!!! The color is amazing!
  12. I like grand shopping tote but I want the chain in silver tone.
    Is east-west bag has single of double chain? I couldn't see it fromm the photo.
  13. Wow, congrats on the beautiful bags. I love the colors on both!! I hope you really enjoy them.
  14. Single chain. :yes:
  15. Congrats Annie!!! The beige GST is gorgeous and I'm glad you decided on getting the e/w, it's lovely!