2 Chanel Deliveries Today....

  1. pink credit card case..LOVES..matches my new medium flap...and these TDF SANDALS..!!
    Black leather with silver cc's..THEY R COMFY TOO!the CC's dont rub at all.they were 550.....creit card case was 250 at Saks IN PA.
    Funny as Im posting this..My Saks SA Damian just called to say his Saks JUST got these sandals in in black too.(HEHE!I beat him to it and got them already!)Chanel told me they r already selling out..HOT SHOES FoR SPRING!
    im home with flu so pics arent the best....
  2. aw~get well soon :flowers:!
    Super yummy, great for summer time :yes: Do you know if Saks carry the yellow flap too? Can u post the style # or price of the sandals? :drool:
    lol, i can see my feet have CC tan mark in summer :graucho:
  3. congrats jill!! AWESOME PURCHASES!!!!!!

    the sandals from saks - you said they are coming in black. do you mean the cc's are black?
  4. GREAT sandals Jill, can you take a pic showing them from the side?
  5. great stuff, loves
  6. btw, please model your bag and shoes together!! :p
  7. these sandals are black leather I meant..the leather trim holding the CC's.
    Saks also got them in white I beleive.Saks in PA has black in stock now.they arent even on floor yet.they just called me.
  8. Jill! Everything is TDF! -you REALLY need to get that pink jumbo

    -more stuff for your daughter to "borrow" from you :yes:

    Feel better soon! (so we can get more pics, LOL j/k)
  9. i have NO polish on my toes...so my pic modeling the shoes is cruddy..LOL
  10. goodness those sandals are HOT!!!! i hope these chanel arrivals are making you get better! :yes:
  11. Those sandals are FAB!!!!!!! And I love the mathcing card holder! So cute! Hope you feel better soon, Jill!
  12. Jill, those shoes are HOT!!!!
  13. LOVE them! :drool: Congrats on those beauty! Please do model them for us. :heart:
  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink bag!

    Great purchases, hussy!
  15. All are beautiful! At least you were able to receive something to cheer you up from being sick. Hope you get well quickly so you can enjoy your new purchases.