2 Chanel bags! help!

  1. hi purse addicts,

    so i'm new to this forum and i'm really confused on all the terms like reissue and all these bag names i'm not familiar with. however, i have two chanel bags that my dad bought for me and i don't know what the names are and i'm kindaaaaaa curious what the retail price was haha. they are old bags though b/c i got them a while ago. (my dads best friend works for chanel and gets MAJOR discounts)

    if anyone knows what they're called, please tell me!!
    purse.JPG IMG_0696.JPG IMG_0697.JPG
  2. They are simply classic flaps. Are you sure they are authentic? I'm concerned about the placement of the engraving on the CC closure on the 2nd bag.

  3. yes, i mean my dads friend works at chanel so i think they have to be authentic if they're from the manufacturer. however, they might sell them at such a cheap price b/c they might have faults with them.
  4. ^as i have remembered, chanel doesn't sell bags with faults..
  5. Well it's just that normally the goldplate engraving is on the top left corner of the backwards facing C. If you took more pictures and posted in the authentication thread maybe someone could help with age and price of the bags. But a lot more pictures are required, including pictures of the back of the turnlock closure, the Chanel "Made in _____" stamp, the zippers, and the hologram for starters.:yes: