2 Carly's-2 Many?

  1. I bought the black leather Carly last week and got a really good deal from Macy's sale. I decided that I should go back for the black Signature Carly because I thought it looked a little bit more dressy than the blk-leather Carly. I also posted a question on this forum about the two purses to get opinions. Thank you ladies for your input! Now I need your help again :wacko:. I got such a good deal on both of these purses, I wonder if I should keep both:whistle: I got 20% off for the sale and then another 15% off for opening a Macy's card. These purses will be #3 and #4 in my Coach collection. 1st purse was a large white Soho flap with brown trim. My 2nd Coach was a large brown leather hobo. I think I am going a little "Coach NUTTY"! :noggin: I've looked at other ladies purse collections posted on this site and noticed some ladies have the same bag in different colors. Any thoughts?
  2. try not to worry about what other people have. Just carry and buy what you love and can afford and what makes you happy. It is never worth worrying about money for a purse. If you love them both and can afford them both, keep them, if not, keep whichever you think you'll use the most! hope that helped!
  3. ^^That's right!^^:yes:
  4. I agree with what court811 said. However, for me personally I wouldn't keep both the leather and black signature too. Maybe you can exchange one for a different color? Imho, having the same bag in different colors is ok but having both black leather and black sig is a bit too much. But like I said...jmho, do what makes YOU happy.
  5. I would exchange one of them for a different color.
  6. I have the Legacy leather shoulder bag in two colors - black and whiskey. AND I didn't get a good deal on them - so I am the nutty one!!!
  7. the more the merrier:yes:
  8. I have a medium carly in camel leather and just got rid of my lovely white ali to get a medium parchment carly. I agonized over it because the ali is so pretty and the lining is fabulous but in reality, it wasn't working for me nearly as well as my carly does. I don't see anything wrong with the same bag in different colors so long as you love the bag, it 'earns its keep' and you can afford it.
  9. at first i was thinking that 2 carly's is too much, until i realized that i'm all of a sudden in love with the sig khaki/gold carly even though i have a black leather carly. 2 carly's is never 2 much!!
  10. did you get the large or the medium?
    i say switch it out for a different color.
  11. You don't need 2 - you should definately sell the black signature Carly to this Carly! lol
  12. Keep the one you will use the most. I don't own a Carly yet as Coach has not made one in Saddle/Cognac or Brown leather yet. Once they do I will. I do however own the Ali in white and whiskey. I love them both. I would even consider buying it again if it were made in the Pond color. Good luck deciding.:smile:
  13. If you love it keep it. Enjoy!