2 buon viaggio's on sale...

  1. i havn't posted much here but i LOVE tokidoki purses and love to read all the tokidoki threads. i havn't logged on for a while and did last night to find all the talk about tokidoki & lesport sac love affair ending soon! :crybaby: ugggg...not sure when..but....i panicked!
    I went to MaCy's and bought 2 purses, Buon Viaggio & Campeggio. then , i went to Nordstroms and got another, a little Dolce. yes, 3 purses tonight during my tokidoki panic!

    AnYwAyS!!! My main reason for this post is this:

    Macy's at the MoNtClaIr Plaza in the city of Montclair, CA. has the Buon Viaggio on sale for $120. It's the one that's usually $160, but i am sure many of you already know that :smile:. I KNOW i sound like a dork, but i do not know the name of the print...i am embarrassed! :rolleyes: I love tokidoki and have like 8 purses but i am sooo bad at the color patterns/names etc! it is the yellow/pink pastel color that says "loves me" in tiny writing..the inside is hot pink and the straps are tan. Its one of the not so recent prints, i know that much, but i think its a good deal. They have 2 left. hope this helps someone looking for this particular purse :woohoo:
  2. is the inside of L'amore pink >_>? i know not... i think its that one though :3
  3. I think she means l'amore?

    The inside is hot pink and the little flowers say "love me..." hehe
  4. yup it's L'amore!