2 Birkins and a Bolide in 3 days!!!

  1. I'm anything but shy about telling another person I love there purse. But over the past 3 days I have seen 4 H bags. Up until about 9 months ago I had never even seen one it MN at all!

    I saw all of these at work. I'm a starbucks manager and usually I'm in the back office filling tills, doing the schedule, ordering ect. But a few of my baristas know my love for designer bags and they will call me out to the floor if they think someone has a bag i would love to see. Well one also is a H fan and she called me out to see a Red Bolide. I though acck amazing! I wont see an Hbag for like another year. LOL. Then the next day as I'm checking out the floor a woman parades by with a 35 black PHW BIRKIN!!! At first i thought my eyes were lying to me as I always think I'm seeing something amazing only to see upon closer inspection its like Jansport. :roflmfao: I RAN out side to get a closer look. LOL. Then today the cutest Japanese couple came in and she had a 25cm RVIF GHW birkin! I thought I was dreaming. It was heaven. I told her I loved her bag and she Yes isa birkin! LOL.

    Anyone else go ape**** when they se an Hbag un-expectadly?
  2. Thanks for sharing. Seeing H bags in action particularly Kellys and Birkins are quite interesting. I see them often when I visit the H store or go to nearby dept. stores like Barneys, Saks and NM. The sight never fails to amaze me.
  3. I love to see H bags in-action, though, I do hope the sightings do not become too frequent in my neck o' the woods (there is something special about H bags and, well - I don't want them to lose their luster....) :blush:
  4. I think the funny thing is I NEVER (and I mean never) See h-bags here. Even LV is much more common. Coach is like and epidemic. LOL But I really hope I'm not crossing the line. The lady with the bolide let me hold it. I could've died.
  5. LOL! That's so cute!
  6. i love seeing H bags. When i am in HK i hang out around Landmark in Central because all the lovely ladies there have H birkin and kellys and i love to bag watch!!! My mom thinks im crazy
  7. Gosh... when I saw the title, I thought you had scored 2 birkins and a bolide over the span of 3 days....:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. i stalk people with H bags ... hahahaha
  9. The first time I saw matte havanne croc...:love: OMG, I almost followed the poor ol' lady into Tiffany's.:lol:
  10. I never see H bags in my little town...half of the people in my area
    probably don't even know what Hermes is. ;)
  11. I've actually been noticing a lot of Lindys and JPG Birkins.... but maybe my eyes have just been opened to H and I'm seeing them now!
  12. ME TOO!
  13. You are hilarious LLF818... Jansport :roflmfao::roflmfao: ...I haven't seen one of those since high school!

    I too come from a northern town where NO ONE knows how to dress (hello, Wal-Mart is NOT fashion!) I have never seen any H bags besides my own in the actual town in which I live, but luckily, I own a little boutique in a "ritzy" area of town and see H all the time in the summer!

    Maybe this is a sign of things to come for you!?
  14. i love seeing H bags in action on someone else. every personality just shines on how the way they carry their bag or with what fabulous outfits they have on! it's just amazing!
  15. same for me kelly birkin...I see LV, Coach, Burberry...never H...I doubt if most even know what one looks like....