2 birds with one stone

  1. In my efforts to purchase a Birkin for my wife for our upcoming anniversary, I took up everyone's advice here and went to Hermes with my wife to start a relationship with a S.A. (my wife, of course, thought it was just one stop of our shopping day).

    It seemed more crowded than usual and all the S.A.'s seemed to be helping someone, so we first just walked around the store looking at this and that. Then, as a nice S.A. lady freed up and asked if we needed any help, my wife noticed that there was a 30cm Rouge Garance Birkin in swift leather on the shelf. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to naturally bring up the subject of a Birkin with my wife. However, even before I said anything, my wife began to go on about how she loved the birkin but that rouge garance on swift wasn't her favorite (she likes Blue Jean, orange vert anis and black on togo or clemence - I was guess right!). Therefore, we didn't end up getting the birkin but we did end up leaving with a wallet and bracelet for my wife. Most importantly, as my wife was looking at other things, I was able to talk to the S.A. about how I wanted to purchase a birkin for our anniversary, and she was actually excited to help! She asked for my name, address and number and said she would call if anything came in that matched what my wife wanted. She was so nice!

    As we left, we thanked "our" (probably too soon to call her that) S.A. and told her we'd see her again next week when we had to buy gifts for family (although today was supposed to be about buying gifts for family, we somehow managed to come home with things only for ourselves!).

    To conclude this long story, I was able to start a relationship with a S.A. and learn about what kind of birkin my wife wants without giving away the fact that I plan on buying her one! One trip, two goals accomplished.

    (I've attached pictures of the wallet (Rouge Vif Lizard Bearn Money Holder) and bracelet ("H" Clic bracelet in off-white and gh))
    Wallet1.JPG Bracelet.JPG
  2. Congratulations skim, we are going to have a lot of fun joining you on your quest for a Birkin for your DW...!!

    :jammin: :jammin:

    OMG!! She wont visit the Purse forum, will she???? If she sees those pics, we're a gonner!!!
  3. Lovely! Congrats!
  4. wow those are beautiful! i think i saw that wallet there today (or one just like it!) as i was there this afternoon!
  5. Oh, this is funny! Skim, did another lady ask to see that Birkin immediately after your wife said "no"? Your SA, did she have brown shoulder length hair and did she have freckles?
  6. what time was this? i was there when they were opening a birkin up- it was about 2-3ish. and it was a burgandy color. there were 2 women who they opened it for- that and another, maybe a turquiose color? anyway i couldn't tell if they were taking it and i kept waiting to see if i could ask if i could see it if they weren't. lol
  7. I love the Rouge Vif Lizard Bearn !!! and the bracelet !
    What a great story, can't wait to hear more ! the birkin hunting !
  8. What a great story! You are a very, very good DH!!
  9. Thanks for sharing your fun day. Good job!
  10. so you are such a great husband. I would have grabbed that rouge garance so swiftly! my dream bag. Keep us posted on what you finally get for your wife, we'll be happy to drool over it.
  11. what a sweet DH you are, skim! lucky wife and great loot, btw! good luck!
  12. skim

    did she like the 30? or do you think she will like the 35 better?
  13. how wonderfully sneaky of you! does your wife know that you visit here (if not, how did you take pics and upload them without her being the wiser)? my husband is always asking me, what are you doing and i'm like "work!" (and i think he believes me!)
  14. Your wife is a very lucky lady to have such a sweet, thoughtful and caring DH like YOU!!!! :love: :love: :yahoo: :yahoo: The rouge vif lizard wallet and bracelet are abSOlutely divine!!! GORGEOUS!!!! BTW, can you teach some of our DH's on the fine art of buying lovely H loot for us???:idea: :idea: :yes: :yes:
  15. Skim,

    I think you ned to start a board for all our DHs to join so that they may learn from you!!! What a great day at Hermes!

    We can all enable you the way we want to enable our own DHs!

    Make sure you stop in often to visit your SA!!!