2 big problems...LONG!!

  1. Hello everybody...
    So I have 2 semi-big problems. I am here just looking to kinda vent and get some advice. So here goes,
    Problem A- My very best girlfriend bought the large miroir alma (the one like Paris Hilton) and she carried it EVERYWHERE. I am not super knowledgable about LV and how to tell if something is fake. But she told me her bag was authentic. I mean it had all the right markings and everything and I didn't ask. Then we were at the mall the other day and a sales girl pulled me aside and asked me why my friend was carrying a fake bag. And I told her it wasn't and I almost got in a fight. So when we got to her house I asked, " is your bag real?" And she smiled and said NO!!! I couldn't believe it, she went on to tell me that NONE of the designer bags she has are real!! Like this girl was my idol for her designer collection not just LV but like, Chanel and Coach. She told me that all of her bags look "exactly" like the real ones and she spends good money on them. I swear, I started to cry. She asked me why I was so upset, "it's not like anybody can tell the difference." I told her it's the fact that they are FAKES!! I got really upset and left. Now here's the problem, I don't know if I want to be friends with her anymore. People will see her fakes and think mine are too!!! What should I do

    Now with that being said here is my second problem..
    Who ever said there is a "certain kind of person" that carries LV bags is wrong. I see a lot of you here you look like models and up class ladies and gents. I'm a punk rock kinda girl with piercings and tattoos. What gives someone the right to tell me "I'm too trashy to carry LV?" Seriously? I don't have to look like evrybody else that carries designer labels!? I mean I don't judge anybody especially if they want to carry a designer!! Grrrr...

    So that's my long rant and rave!!
  2. ohmy. i dont know what to say about your friend.
    maybe your reaction could have been a little less dramatic but i see where you are coming from. id just make it clear that you think fakes are wrong. and i totaly dont get why people would pay a lot of money for fakes.

    and with the image thing, i do not look like a model or classy but i love my LVs and this is what the forum is about, appreciation.
  3. Well if your friend wants to carry shameful fakes, that is her problem. Knowledgable designer lovers will be able to tell that yours is real and hers is fake (i.e. the LV SA that told you hers was a fake). That said, are you friends with her because of her "designer" bags? If not, I would maintain the friendship. Even great people can have flaws. :heart:
  4. Do you like your friend for reasons other than the fashion part? Or are you hanging with her because of the fashion part? If she is "worth" saving as a friend, you could simply tell her you don't approve of fakes, and when you go out together, could she please not carry one. It isn't that much to ask...almost like asking a smoking friend not to smoke around you, if that was a problem. If she agrees, she cares about your feelings and respects them. If not, she cares about her bags more than she does about you.

    But if you are primarily friends because of sharing style interest, then you've just learned something of value.

    About your own image: rock it any way you want. Let's not forget that the range of LV lovers is from nobility to gangsta rappers.
  5. No, we went to school together and got into LV together. I mean I know she's not perfect, but it's hard to I guess respect her. You know?
  6. Well.. after thinking that her bags we're all real this time.. and then out of nowhere turns out her bags were fake.. and you getting into it with the SA.. and if she even said it was reall.. o_o; That's totally confusing!
  7. Like I said, I'm not an expert with LV. Plus, I've never really looked super duper close at her bags. She told me they were real and had like, receipts and stuff...So I didn't really think anything of it. But I got into with the SA because I was trying to stick up for a friend and at that time I didn't know it was fake..So I called the SA and told her I was sorry, I do have a concience!! But I didn't think to have to ask if her bags were fake until then!!
  8. I wouldn't drop a friend just bec. they carry fakes, that seems a little shallow to me, I don't think you are shallow, I'm just saying that doesn't seem right. I would drop a friend for a lot of reasons pertaining to character but not for how they dress. I have 3 friends I can think of that wear fakes and it bothers me bec. I think it's tacky but I leave it at that. They know my feelings on fakes and it's just not a topic we discuss.

    As for the people who wear LV, classy/trashy/punky/ghetto, it's all good, lol, I don't care what the person looks like, I admire everyone's bags!
  9. I'm a punk too, with tattoos and piercings, and I carry LV! I see all different types of people carrying LV's and other high end bags so don't sweat it.
  10. Ooo yeah!! I think that' awesome!!
  11. Are you more upset that she carries fakes or because she lied to you?

    As for the punk thing, most punks I grew up with back in the day never gave a flying f--- what anyone said/thought about what they wore. Granted, none of them would have worn an LV unless they picked it up at the Salvation Army or some other secondhand shop. Regardless, it's not how others label you: it's how you see yourself.
  12. Well.. The first problem I think depends on how good of a friendship you have with her. If she is one of the true friends, who would come to you when you are in need, I say you can overlook that flaw of "Fakes." I mean my grandmother buys fake Burberry jackets and stuff for me. I always just say "Thank you" and secretly give it to Goodwill. I still love her just the same.

    The second question has more to do with your comfort level. I am a super casual girl, who wear jeans and Rock'n baby T's all the time. Granted, I got no piercings or tattoos but nothing would stop me from carrying what I want. Honestly, I think the Denim line would go so perfectly with the punk rock theme. :tup::heart: (P.S. I love tattoos.)
  13. Please, please, please, DON'T dump your girlfriend just b/c she carries fakes.
  14. If she is a real friend I would just let her know that you don't believe in buying fakes and why you feel that way. I would also tell her that you took up for her bag because someone said it was fake and now you feel foolish for doing it.

    As for looks and LV's, I would consider myself to be modern classic type of woman but I don't always dress up when I carry my bags. I feel as long as you can afford the bags and like them, you can wear them. If people don't like that, they can just look the other way.
  15. Well I don't think you should end a friendship over bags...just explain to her why you don't like fakes and why they are bad, which is why you got upset. I wouldn't worry about whether strangers think your bags or real or not, you know they are and you can walk into a boutique and SAs will know they are.

    As for your second vent, just be yourself! Not everyone here looks like a model or is "upper class." Just keep on doing what you're doing, buy bags you love and rock them! Don't let snobs get you down for telling you there's a "certain look" to carry LV. There isn't.