2 Big Chanel Bags..whats In Them???lol!

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  1. so.......u all know about my SHARPEY DRAMA ...............The black sharpey went back to SH Chanel store today.....They were VERY SWEET and offered to exchange the defective bag.I decided to chance it again with YET ANOTHER SHARPEY..HEHE!!!!
    OK,..I got the choc brown one this time..HOPEFULLY this one will hold its color..LOL!They will take it back if it doesnt.....so Im not worried.They treated me FAB there I must say.A great experience overall
    I also HAD to get the LUX boots..I wanted them in black too but they only had brown at this store.....THEY ARE TDF!LOVES THESE BOOTS.and for over 1150..thet are WORTH EVERY PENNY~~~!!!
    yes.Im gettin both colors and I think they are truly a great chanel investment.
    PS-ALL CHANEL SHOES for FALL are running BIGGER THAN NORMAL.Usually I go a half to a full size bigger in CHANEL shoes.These were my NORMAL shoe size of 8 1/2(Instead of my norm 9-91/2 chanel size)The SA said this season they are cutting their shoes all this way..SO remember that if u are ordering shoes by phone!LOL!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I need to see the boots!! I love boots almost as much as bags!

    OOps posted the same time as you were uploading!! Love, love, love them!!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. these boots make me super thrilled ...LOL..I must say..i freakin LOves THEM...THEY even have the little cc's on the pulltab.heehee!
  7. Gorgeous! Love the boots - the chain detailing is awesome! Fingers crossed that this brown sharpey will work out WAAAAY better!!!
  8. The flash makes the bag a reddish brown..IT ISNT..Its a deep pretty chocolate brown....
  9. I love the boots! I saw those in black at the boutique and loved them! Now after seeing your pair, I've got to try them on.

    OH, and love the bag! I think the brown is TDF! They look great together!:yes:
  10. :nuts:OMG that bag is GORGEOUS. The leather looks so soft and yummy. I hope you don't have any problems with it like the last one. I love the brown!
  11. boots are to die for! hopefully this sharpey will work out for you
  12. I originally wanted to get this bag in brown too..SO hopefully it works out great!LOL!
    OH..The SA said that ONLY ONE OTHER client had probs with the lambskin in their store(diff bag,same leather)they gave her a new bag too and said it was fine..phew!hope so!
  13. Great boots! Good luck w/ the this bag! Hopefully your old one was just a defective bag.

    Glad they treated you well though! That's stellar on their part. :tup:
  14. I actually think the brown shows off the quality of the leather more and the boots are very hot! Congrats - great buys!
  15. wish u better luck with the sharpey this time around