2 bags or 1 with matching accessories?

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  1. I'm taking that it's your 1st Speedy but not your 1st LV? If so, then go for bag and vernis wallet. The vernis will be a nice pop of color :smile:
  2. Do you have a nice wallet?

    I say two bags!
  3. I love this idea!! :tup:
  4. I would go with 2 bags since that's what everyone will see. :graucho: You can add-on the wallet and accessories throughout the year.
  5. Two bags of course!! I am not a fun of accessories.
  6. Definitely 2 bags!!!!!!!

  7. I'd definitely go for 2 bags right now!!
  8. I agree with getting 2 bags :tup:
  9. i say get a bag and non matching accessories, meaning, too much of one line is a little garish and ostentatious. i say, get the monogram speedy and a vernis or epi wallet
  10. 2 bags for sure!
  11. 2 bags :tup:

  12. You are correct in assuming that I have more LV. I have a damier broadway. Got it as a gift for graduating highschool. I could of opted for a better car, but that's how much I love LV. :yes:
  13. Go for the two bags. They will really broaden your collection. You can add in accessories later.
  14. I would do a speedy and a neverfull. That would give you a handheld and a shoulder bag. If you really want an accessory add a cles.
  15. Thank you for the advice, but I''m holding out for the azur neverfull or the new azur bag I saw in someone's post that is coming out later this year. For now just speedies are fine.