2 bags or 1 with matching accessories?

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  1. I say bag and wallet.
  2. I would get 2 bags, or 1 and save your money. I'm not into the accessories at all.
  3. Definitely 2 bags!! :biggrin:

    I can always accessorize with not-as-expensive-lv stuff. :biggrin:
  4. Definitely 2 bags... more mileage that way...
  5. 2 bags without a doubt!!
  6. no doubt, 2 bag! then you can buy some accessories ;)
  7. 2 bags: Mono speedy and Damier NF!
  8. bag+wallet
  9. Two bags!
  10. 2 bags!
  11. I'm torn... 2 bags would be my first instinct. After thinking about it...a mono or azur speedy with a vernis wallet.. that sounds so nice too!
  12. 2 bags!
  13. Two bags!! You can work in those accessories in later. With spring/summer just around the corner, it's probably a great idea to get both bags now and be able to switch out.
  14. I know that sometimes accessories are irresistible, but I think i'd go 4 2 Bags!!! just 4 ur ref:

    looks great to have matching accessories.
  15. I'd go with the 2 bags to start and then add accessories in later. Or what about getting a speedy, Eva and a zippy coin wallet? That way you'd have 2 bags to interchange as well as a small wallet!

    Good luck deciding!