2 bags or 1 with matching accessories?

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  1. Get two bags first. Then you can take your time in choosing a wallet that you can use in both bags. Good luck!
  2. Get the bag and the wallet. LV makes the best wallets.
  3. It depends on your lifestyle. Do you run out of the house often with only a clutch/wallet or do you always carry a bag with you? If you always carry a bag, I would say get two bags - you will have variety and you will use them often enough to enjoy them both. If however, you find that you run errands with just a wallet or small accessory, get a bag and the accessories since you will use all of them and always have a cute touch to your wardrobe, no matter the occasion.
  4. I like everything that you mentioned...you can't go wrong either way...GL

  5. Agreed 100% :tup:
  6. I would say that I am a never leave the house without a bag kind of girl.
  7. 2 bagssss!! :yahoo:
  8. 2 bags!!!
  9. May I suggest the following?

    - Mono Speedy 30
    - Mono Zippy Coin Purse (if you like small wallets)
    - Azur Pochette Accessiores
  10. 1 bag and a matching wallet.
  11. I guess it depends on if you always like your wallet to match your bag. I used to have a few sets of accessories that I would swap around with different bags. When I bought my Mono Speedy I fell in love with the Sarah Wallet. I loved it so much I sold all my other accessories and bought a cles, key case, passport case, and business card case. If you have a wallet that you love then buy two bags. If you don't have something that you love I say buy the matching bag and wallet. LV makes great wallets so I am sure there will be one you will fall in love with.
  12. 2 bags ofcourse !
  13. 2 bags.. :graucho:
  14. 2 Bags. You can get the accessories later.
  15. Defenately 2 bags Damier Azur Speedy 30 .. I think its AMAZINGLY hot when patina ..
    plus maybe you could do a NF? because it'd be weird to have 2 speedies?