2 Bags or 1 bag?

  1. Ok ladies I never owned a LV bag yet! But my hubby bought me a Speddy 30 & a Manhattan PM :yahoo: (still in the gift box :heart: V Day :heart: present's) But Im so in love :love: with the Stephens. Should I tell him exchange it (2 bags) for the (1) Stephen. I Love all 3 but If you were in my shoes What would you take????? 2 bags or just 1???? Or should I just wait to my Birthday for tht Stephen? H E L P M E
  2. I love Stephen, but if you can get another one on your b-day, why not keep other two for now? You can build a small LV collection;):yes:
  3. I'd suggest getting the Stephen first since you like it so much then ask for Speedy and Manhattan for your Bday :smile:
  4. I would keep the Manhattan and the Speedy rather than getting the Stephen (and I love the Stephen).
  5. i agree with charleston-mom!
  6. STEPHEN..I have it and its TDF!
  7. I would keep the speedy and the manhattan. They are two awesome bags.
  8. stephen :smile:
  9. I would keep the speedy and manhattan.
  10. well, if you can't stop thinking about the stephen, get that now.
    you can always get the speedy and the manhattan down the road.
    good luck! all beautiful, so you can't go wrong!
  11. I don't care much for the Stephen... so my vote for the two. But if you really really want it, get it.
  12. keep speedy..use the PM to exchange for the Stephen which you so like..think everyone should have a speedy..cos it is a classic..
  13. Don't tell him...I would keep both bags if I were you. They are gorgeous and I don't think you should return a present, especially when your Hubby selected it for you!
    Ask the Stephen for your birthday!

    Good luck!
  14. I love the Stephen but the Speedy and Manhattan are much more practical. And the Manhattan is my dream bag. :love:
  15. 2 bags better..trust me.If you get tired of one you can use the other one.