2 bags of one style?

  1. Hey Guys

    I love my speedy mono 30 so much. It's the prettiest bag I have ever seen and bought.

    But now I think I have to buy one thats not so sensibel espeacelly for the winter season. I think a damier peace would be the best choice or?

    So then I dont know which bag. I love the speedys, would it be silly when I buy a damier speedy? then I have two speedys :s is that boring ..?? what do you think?

    or have you a better idea??

    thanks for your help:smile:
  2. I know a lot of LV fans who own more than one Speedy. You obviously enjoy this bag so much, so if I were you, I'd buy the damier as well!
  3. I loved my monogram Speedy so much I bought a Damier one :smile:
  4. It's not boring at all! Go for it!

    I have three speedy's and I want some more!:happydance:
  5. Not silly at all. A lot of people own more then one of the same style bag, speedy's in particular.

    I myself have 2 speedy's, a mono 30 and an azur 25 and I love them both!!!
  6. I completely understand where you're coming from and I say GO FOR IT!!

    I thought I was the type of person who would never buy the same bag in various sizes and colors. As the months went by... I debated for a long long time over mono, damier azur and the 25 or 30 size and in the end I just ended up with all of them! =P
  7. I have 3 speedies ( mono 35, damier 25, and mini lin 30 ). Used to have 4 lol ( got rid of my epi 25). Speedies rock!
  8. If you find the size and shape practical, why not? Damier and monogram are so different anyhow that it wouldn't even seem the same. Go for it! Better to get something you love and use it than something you're not crazy about and just have it sit around.
  9. Same here!!:tup:
  10. I say go for it!! Having more than one of the same style is fine :yes: I have 3 Speedy's...1 Mono & 2 MC's
  11. ya, buy what YOU want! :yes:
  12. i always tell people that to me, a different color is a different bag. i have 5 Speedies, and to me each one is different, so there's nothing boring about it at all
  13. I have 3 speedies: Cerises (25), Damier 25, and Multicolor White (30)...but I still want a Monogram Canvas 25 now... it's a fab addiction!!
  14. Go the Damier speedy! You will not regret it...I got one earlier this year and it was my third speedy - and I'm loving it! My bf lost a bet to me and now owes me a mono speedy so I'll have 4 soon! :p
  15. 3 Speedys, 2 Sophies, 2 mini Pochettes...Go For It!!!