2 bags, 2 wallets?

  1. I still can't make up my mind!!!!

    I have the mono 25 and 30 speedies. I have the mono zipped wallet. (got about a year ago). I was thinking of getting the pomme vernis pochette wallet. Think it's wierd/unnecessary/too extravagant to have 2 wallets?
  2. absolutely not! if you want something by all means do it! i have more than wallet and i switch them out.
  3. go 4 it!
  4. the more the better :smile:
  5. Not weird at all.
  6. Well, if you already have a mono wallet then you NEED something in Vernis don't you??? Ha ha, this is how I justify my purchases!! I NEED it!!!! :smile:
  7. Not at all, they are so different.
  8. Perfectly normal to me.
  9. Weird???
    I have 6 LV wallets ....its a necessity! :graucho:
  10. There's nothing wrong with multiple wallets- even if they're just different colors. Match your bags! Match your outfits! Contrast, have fun!
  11. Yes! Get it! I got the pomme d'amour vernis pochette wallet today it is such an awsome wallet!! By the way that makes 5 lv wallets for me. Go for it!!!
  12. Better not look at my Coach collection then...I have a wallet to match most of my bags.
  13. The more, the merrier!
  14. not at all, the fact that you only have one, and everything is mono surprises me more! expand and expound!
  15. Um...Absolutely not!! For me I got 7 wallets together :nuts: