2 anthra work!! GH & RH...which to keep?


Which anthra work should I keep?

  1. Athra RH

  2. Anthra GH

  3. both anthra RH & GH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I just received my anthra work in GH today. the leather is super soft and smooth!! I'm having a tough time deciding which one to keep or to keep both. I've only carried the anthra a handful of times and :heart: it!! is there really a point to keep them both? they're gorgeous in their own way.

    any suggestions??:girlsigh:
  2. Pictures of each please :smile:
  3. oops!! here's a pics of them together.
    Anthra 1.jpg
  4. i voted RH. it's so saturated! my anthracity is the same...love it!
  5. It depends on the intended use; I think GH looks so chic in the office, while RH is gorgeous, but more casual.

    Also, if you already have RH bags, then you should probably keep the GH for diversity's sake.
  6. the leather looks amazing on the Gold Hardware!! I pick that one!!
  7. In your pic, the GH looks extra special to me!!! :tup:
  8. i like the wrinkly leather on the rh one more although the gold looks nice too
  9. ^^ the RH is a prettier color IMO :tup:
  10. i think i still like the rh better. the leather just makes it look more vintage. the gh is definitely more bling-y.
  11. I voted for the RH. I really love the color and the leather on that one.
  12. I really like the color of the RH bag, but I really love the GH on the bigger bags and the work carries it well...it's a tough call, but I'm going to have to vote for the RH because the color and leather on that one is AMAZING!
  13. :tup:thanks for all the feedback everyone!! i sort of had my mind set on gh until u guys started using the words casual and vintage...the rh has definitely been a great bag to carry as it goes with anything. i got the gh because the anthra does look really nice with it. i originally wanted a truffle gh work (bluefly screwed up and canceled order) but ended up with the anthra. hopefully i'll be able to decide by this weekend.
  14. I voted for RH & second fayden's reason
  15. My pick is for the RH. The color is fabulous!