2 and a half weeks and still no Chanel earrings!

  1. I purchasedt hese chanel earrings from a seller with pretty good feedback. I paid a day or two late becausesomething went wrong with my CC but paid as soon as I got it all figured out. All the auction said was to pay within 48 hrs and I contacted them as asoon as I realized I was having problems.

    I paid for the earrings on January 10th and contacted the seller on the 22nd!! when I didn't receive the earrings yet. They are saying that its because they get it from a supplier and they can only put the earrings on hold for 48 hrs after the end of the auction (whicht hey did not explain to me) and that it might be sold out but they will have to contact the supplier and see. Now 6 days later and STILL no earrings.

    I am getting worried that these might even be fake but besides that, the earrings won't be delivered to me! What should I do?? I dont know if I should open a dispute with paypal or not. Please help! Thanks!!!
  2. well.. u can file for items not recevied with eBay and paypal...that will get seller attention..:tup:
  3. I really yhink that the seller order them from a fake site (That supplier story is very fishy) and they have to wait for the earring to arrive to them before mailing them out to you. If I was you I'll ask the seller for a refund, and if they don't agree open a claim.
  4. That "supplier" comment is very fishy to me also. You should file a paypal claim right away - the seller should have sold an item IN HIS POSSESSION and regardless of his 48 hour policy, eBay gives you 7 days to pay. I believe selling an item not in his possession (of course unless it is an honest mistake which in this case does not seem) is against eBay rule.

    But in the end, I strongly feel that the earrings are going to be fake - I think you should get your money back and forget about the earrings.
  5. thanks you guys!
    I am gonna open up a claim right away. I really was hoping it wasn't fake. I paid 200 bucks for them! Thanks so much!
  6. The supplier comment is not fishy since I have purchased authentic items from sellers who have these arrangements, it is common in books, games, electronics and DVD sections on ebay. Paypal allows you to open disputes when 10 days have lapsed from the auction closure, meanwhile there is little you can do but sit and wait.

    From my experience I have waited 15-21 days for items shipped to me within US. In one case the seller had over 200,000 feedback with over 1000 negative, most of the negs were given for slow shipment but they still received their goods.

    By the way this is how Ebags works, they deal with manufacturer or the distributor for the manufacturer and don't keep physical stock of bags. Often I wait approx 21 days for a bag to be shipped to me from the day I made the purchase.
  7. I am jst wondering is it common with Chanel items though? I always thought they were hard to come by and items were only found at their actual store not like Nordstrom rack and saks off fifth.

  8. Suppliers are common on electronics, video games, books, clothing, jewerly and even handbags but NOT in luxury designers like Chanel, LV, Chloe, Dior, Hermes, etc etc. These high end brands are only available thru their own stores and a few more authorize department stores like Saks, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus. And as long as I know there's no authorized seller for these brands on Ebay unless is a reseller that buys them at outlets or sales.
  9. ^^Yeah...it is because they're Chanel earrings I felt the "supplier" comment felt fishy. I believe things like DVDs and other electronic equipment is a bit different because the seller could potentially order more from the manufacturer w/ whatever arrangement he/she has. <-- Correct me if my understanding is flawed. :smile: For high-end bags or accessories, I don't think this type of arrangement is common. If the boutique can simply order more from suppliers, we would have no shortage of highly-coveted items!

    By the way, what kind of pictures did the seller use? If he doesn't have the item on hand, how could he have taken pictures? This alone would make me feel very uncomfortable. For things like jewelry or bags, pictures on the auction are our only guide to figure out authenticity. We can't blindly rely on 100% positive feedbacks and such (oh I know, I've been burned before - bought "authentic" jeans from 100% feedback, no one raised authenticity issue... Completely fake and confirmed at the vendor). For these reasons, I would remain suspicious...
  10. you guys are totally right! thanks geniepr and lv_forever. I believe I have every right to doubt the authenticity and get my money back.. right?

    I think I would have just sat here waiting for an email fromt his seller if it wasn't for you guys.. and probably missed my deadline to open a dispute through paypal. Thanks so much!

    If anyone else has been in a similar situation please let me know what you did and what the end result was! Thanks!
  11. I remember reading someone's suggestion that if there is a potential that "Item Not Received" dispute would change into "SNAD" claim, you should call paypal beforehand to discuss your options.
    I would explain that not only has the seller not sent the item on time, you are afraid that the seller is intentionally waiting for you to file "Item Not Received" so that he can send a counterfeit later on and you cannot open a claim on that. And you should also explain that the seller sold an item not in his possession, hence the pictures shown on the auction are not the same item and there is a high probability that the item will be significantly different/fake.

    Good luck!