2 Amazing Finds at NM!!!!

  1. I am kicking myself for passing this one up but I just can't swing it right now. :crybaby:

    My SA Lisa Hamlin just offered me this gorgeous blue python from 06 Cruise for only $1995! That is a killer price for python! It is killing me to walk away from this one so someone here might as well take advantage of this!

    She also sent me a pic of the Red Perforated Chanel E/W from Spring 2007 and is $1595

    Enjoy! Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!!!:nuts:
    DSC01714.JPG DSC01691.JPG
  2. Wow!!! They're so beautiful!
  3. This one is particularly beautiful IRL and I am seriously bummed that I can't buy it right now!

  4. ^^ can't see which bag you are referring to, but the blue is out of this world!
  5. Wow, someone should get that python flap NOW! If blue were my color I'd be on the phone dialing NM this very moment -- that $1995 price is insane (python for once being cheaper than caviar on similarly-sized flaps!!). I'm almost positive that's a pricing mistake. I remember there were 2 sizes of those python flaps at Saks & BG back when they were still available. Saks & BG both had the TDF bright red and BG also carried that sky blue shade. I wasn't paying much attention to the sky blue one but I do recall that for the red python flap, the Jumbo size (the larger of the two) was well over $3k and the smaller size (which I'm pretty sure is the one picture) was around $2,5xx or maybe $2,4xx (certainly over $2k though). That $1995 is a truly a "deal" for a Chanel python piece!
  6. where's Max? LOL!
  7. Wow! I was never a fan of python but that blue flap is drawing me in.
  8. hey, jag! OMG I'm not a fan of python really but that color is TDF, and what a great price. I just spoke to lisa earlier today and she didn't mention it, darn it (of course I was asking about other bags)
  9. Wonder how big that blue one is?
  10. Looks like E/W size.

    I called Lisa right after you posted, but she had already left. Keeping my fingers it doesn't get sold before she gets my vmail. That blue is beautiful!
  11. Where are my manners? Thank you so much Jag for sharing the info. I always love your stock postings.
  12. Wow, The Python Bag is Beautiful!!
  13. Swanky - you crack me up!!!

    My python is being reconditioned by Chanel right now. I can't wait to get her back!!

    I wonder what the size is on that baby. I think mine was $2995 last year.

    And this is to temp Swanky to the dark side:p:p:p
  14. Thanks for posting. I love that blue python.
  15. That blue one is 2DIE4 Jag!