2/9 - Jomashop - 3 Exclusive Deals PLUS Mystery Deal - We need YOUR VOTE!

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  1. #1 Feb 9, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 9, 2010
    Deals, deals...today is all about DEALS!!! :yahoo:

    Want something fast at a great price? We have you covered with today's latest Jomadeals!

    Looking for something more specific, that special something that you have been keeping an eye on for some time? Let us know, because today we have three great deals for you...PLUS a MYSTERY DEAL coming soon!!!

    For a ready-made insta-deal, check out these three great offers:

    1) Tods Medium Goa Cream Leather Messenger Bag

    Take an extra $50 off this great fashion deal of the day!!! :nuts:

    Coupon Code: TPF50 ​

    Click here to view or order!​

    2) Baume and Mercier Riviera Mini Ladies Watch 8521

    Take an extra $35 off this watch deal of the day!!! :nuts:

    Coupon Code: TPF35 ​

    Click here to view or order!​

    3) Tiffany & Co. Silver Numeral Money Clip

    Take an extra $15 off this daily special!!! :nuts:

    Coupon Code: TPF15​

    Click here to view or order!​

    And for a one-of-a-kind deal that has YOU written all over it:

    4) VOTE for YOUR NEXT DEAL!!! :yahoo:

    Baume & Mercier? Omega for him? Gucci? Another brand? It's a MYSTERY DEAL!

    Vote for the brand(s) (any brand we carry!) you would most like to see next!​

    If you have any particular requests, let us in on those as well! ​

    We will choose the brand most voted for, and the particlar item within the brand most requested, and as long as we have enough in stock, you will have a deal made just for YOU!

    VOTE and let us know!:happydance:

    We need to hear from you! Once we have enough votes, we will post your deal!

    Disclaimer: The Joma Wizards apologize, but there has been a glitch in the system and the coupon codes may work on other products as well (i.e. TPF50 may work on Tiffany.) However, they cannot honor the coupons unless they are used for the three deals above. One coupon per purchase. While supplies last.
  2. gucci please!!~
  3. Hi Jomagirl

    I would loveeeeeeee a fantasticccccccc deal on a GUCCI charm watch
  4. We cannot run the next deal without you, so don't forget to put in your votes! :yahoo:
  5. gucci twirl watch please!
  6. Bottega Veneta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Chanel J12 please!
  8. Gucci plz
  9. definitely Gucci bag or Burberry scarf
  10. Movado! =)
  11. Burberry scarf!
  12. Michele
  13. Gucci bag or Burberry scarf