2/8 - Jomashop Bvlgari deal going on now!

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  1. Good Monday morning to everyone! :biggrin:

    Just a little fyi - there is a great deal going on right now for an adorable Bvlgari wallet at Jomadeals!

    We have already sold close to 150 of these classy yet fun wallets, and it is not even noon yet! :nuts:

    Click here to hurry over and check out today's latest Jomadeal!
  2. Is this the special tPF deal of the day or just the regular JomaShop deal that everyone gets??
  3. Yes I was wondering the same thing?
    In eager anticipation of another great watch deal
    Maybe I will be tempted this time!!!
  4. I just asked for more deals and....one is on the way!!! :yahoo: Stay tuned, it will be in a new post :smile:
  5. #5 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    Awww crap, it was still in stock when I put it in my cart three minutes ago! =(
    Any chance this could be reinstated for that brief moment in time please? =D

    Thanks again for all the great deals!