2.55 vs classic flap. help?

  1. im new to chanel and im thinking to get my first chanel soon. im confused with 2.55 and the classic flaps. what are the differences?
  2. Chanel 2.55 B.jpg

    The one on top is a classic flap, the one below is reissue; basically:
    1. The chain, one with leather the other without
    2. The leather, one in caviar or lambskin the other distressed calfskin
    3. The lock, one with the double C lock the other with the Mdemoiselle turnlock
    4. Because of the different leather used, one tends to be a bit more boxy, the other a bit flatter

    check out the Chanel reference library, there are alot of pictures, you'll have a better idea.
  3. Thanks IceEarl. There is a little debate with my friend. Is the CC lock the original 2.55 Coco lock or the MM? I would think it would be CC, right? But my friend thinks its MM. Who is right?
  4. Your friend is right but not quite ;)

    I met a lady at a party. She said she saw the original 2.55 at Chanel exhibition in NY two years ago. She told me the height of original lock is a bit taller and the original does not have the word Chanel engraved on it.

    So MM is not the original lock but it's a redesign of the original.
  5. thanks! I would think it would be the other way around.
  6. The CC lock is only available in the 80s created by Karl Legarfeld.