2.55 Reissues- navy, black patent, white, dark silver. PICS

  1. I need to return one. Which would you return?
    1. Dark silver with ruthenium hw 226
    2. 2005 white (grey undertones) with ruthenium hw 227
    3. Navy patent with gold hw 226
    4. Black patent with gold hw 226

    I can't decide.

  2. Navy patent is my choice for a return, they're all stunningly lovely though. :love:
  3. Sad as I am to say, as I pressured you into buying it, I'd return the navy patent :sad:.
  4. They are all gorgeous but I would say return the navy. I think you will get more use out of the other colors.
  5. I love them all, but I also vote for the navy..
  6. You can only return the newly purchased ones, right--the navy patent or black patent?

    I think I'd choose to return the navy in that case.
  7. i would return one of the patents, either navy or black!
  8. I took the navy and black patent outside to try to give a better idea of the colors. Does it make anyone change their mind about it?

  9. Strangely enough, they all still have their tags and I haven't taken any of them out yet since I'm hooked on my python one right now.
  10. The navy is so beautiful... but perhaps limited in what you can wear it with?

    I also think you should return the navy, if you have to return just one...
  11. I say return the navy patent too...it's less versatile than the others...
  12. NO WAY!!! Are you all crazy???:wtf:

    Return the BLACK patent.
  13. I would also return the black patent one. The navy is a great color for in-between seasons and it's unique. You can always get a black Chanel in another style!
  14. I say either the black or the white. A bag in "regular" black leather would be a better way to go. And they are so many black bags out there. White only because I'm foreseeing it getting dirty...
  15. I'm going to give you a completely different answer. I guess because it's what I would return. I would return the silver.

    I think the navy, black and white is a staple color.

    Theyr'e all so beautiful.