2.55 Reissues in 225 Gold and 227 Black Available! Pics!

  1. Dear friends
    I am returning two 2.55 reissues to NM at New Port Beach next weekend, and I just want to share this info in case someone is looking for these beauties.:yes:
    First one is the CRACKLED PATENT BLACK in 227 with TARNISHED GOLD h/w, priced at USD2850, and it is sold out at NM nationwide. The leather has a shine to it, but certainly not as shiny as a regular patent and is more durable than a metallic finished leather. Gorgeous, but not my size:sad:
    Second one is the METALLIC GOLD in 225 with matching LIGHT GOLD h/w, priced at USD2425.
    If you are searching for either of the two bags, please PM and I will gladly provide SA info.
    P2092211.jpg P2092213.jpg P2092216.jpg
  2. Love the black. Thanks for posting!
  3. thanks for posting it!
  4. Thx for sharing!!!
    Plz check the message~~
  5. wow, the black one is so nice. thanks for posting your returns.
  6. You are most welcome, dear friends. I thought I'd post it early so that these bags are "on hold" :p for my dear TPFers since they are in extreme high demand.
  7. I didn't know they came out with a crackled finish? Do you think they have Black with silver?
  8. :yes:
  9. love the Golden one!
    Can't find any in Thailand. T_T
  10. Hi, Mizzy,I am not sure if they have the crackled patent black with silver h/w, but I do know they have matte distressed black with dark silver h/w.
    huahin, I am pretty sure that NM ships internationally, so if you want to get the gold one, PM me, I can hook you up with my SA through email or something:yes:
  11. Dear ladies
    A lucky TPFer has called my SA and reserved the 227 Black reissue. However, the lovely goldie is still available!:nuts:
  12. hi, what size is the gold one?
  13. thanks for the info! so nice!
  14. Hi, echoflow, the gold one is size 225, best size to go from day to evening:tup:
  15. aschmeing, you are most welcome! Just by posting, hope to make somebody's searching journey shorter!:p