2.55 reissues-225 purple? 226 navy?

  1. Hi all,

    please help me out to choose only one b/w 225 metalic purple and 226 metalic navy.
    I fortunately purchased both of the bags but had to decide which one I am going to keep b/c my sister's dying to have one that I don't want to keep myself.
    small purple looks so cute with my skinny jeans and vintage t shirts and medium navy looks so clean and sharp.picking one of them is such a torture to me! I am so loving with both.

    what would you guys pick for yourself?
    please share your favorite!:heart:
  2. I love the purple personally.
  3. I love the navy!
    Which was the first one you loved when you first saw them? I know I loved the navy because I know purple is not my color.
    I think whichever you keep you will not be disappointed (and you could always borrow the other one from you sister!!)
  4. Keep the color you love the most and borrow the other one from your sister like KDB said!
  5. Purple for me personally because its a brighter color.

    And I agree with KDB, you could always borrow it from your sister if you decide on the other color. ;D
  6. They are both Gorgeous. You can wear Navy day and night. I think the smaller Purple is more Nighttime. Hope that helps!!!:tup:
  7. love the navy!
  8. I like the Navy better :tup:
  9. i have same dilemma, and ended keeping both 225 purple and 226 navy, but sell my couple older bags.
  10. thank you so much for sharing your favorite.

    you guys are absolutely right. I have to think about which color I prefer.
  11. I drool more over the purple but they're both gorgeous and personally, I'd keep the navy. It goes with so many more of my outfits (and could match any outfit involving jeans. I wouldn't carry the purple bag with a red top and jeans, for example, but the navy would definitely work). So I'd buy the navy for practical reasons. As much as I love purple bags, I can't bring myself to pay almost $3K for a bag I can't match to my outfits as often when there's another color that's easier to coordinate. Even better if your sister gets the purple bag so you can steal that when it happens to work!

  12. I love the purple and mine is on the way back from Paris. Its stunning. I don't believe that you cant match purple with many things. Its time to mix and match!!! Purple can go with anything, you just have to know how to wear it! Purple bag, yellow top and stunning red stilettos with jeans...head turner:smile:
  13. Navy baby!
  14. I love purple but due to size, i will choose size 226, however navy reissue is really gorgeous too, i think it will looks nicer with any clothings for navy reissue.
  15. i would choose the purple.. its the "in" colour now and its not exactly difficult to match with any clothing...