2.55 Reissue with pearls, avaliable yet?

  1. Anyone knows when will it be avaliable? Want it so badly that I can't stop thinking about it...:drool:
  2. I have my name on the list for this bag. I was told around July - so maybe anytime now - just waiting on the phone to ring.

    Are you on a list for it yet?
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes I'm on the list. However, I've heard there are only limited stock in department store. I hope I'll get it as it's so beautiful and I really want a black flap with gold hardware.:tup:
  4. I just emailed Joseph and gave up my spot (credit card waitlisted) at Saks NYC for this bag, because I saw it in real life in Hong Kong (where it has arrived) and its abit too small for me. I think it's only a 225.

    Anyway, hope this helps!
  5. Saw it in Paris this past week.
  6. Anonymous,

    What's the stock like in paris, do they have a lot of reissues or fall/winter stock? I'm heading over there next week and it would be great to get my hands on a reissue there!
  7. 225 is way too small for me too. I thought they come in two sizes, medium and large or 226 and 227? A 226 would be perfect for me as jumbo flap look huge on me.
  8. I think hlfinn just saw this in NYC she had a post about it if you do a search... Anyway,I would try the 57th street store. Good luck!!
  9. I saw that post too. It was the Chanel boutique on 57th St.
  10. Thanks so much ada and sylphi. I'm getting from Neiman Marcus coz they ship overseas.
  11. If anyone still wants one my boutique still has one. PM me for SA contact info. :yes: