2.55 Reissue: update us on your bags pls!

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  1. well, since the reissues will be out again soon... i think it's time to start saving... my only concern with the reissue is the leather and i hope current owners of the reissue would provide updates on their bags, esp with regards to the leather..

    I have read from previous threads that the distressed leather is quite delicate....how delicate exactly? Is the leather similar to the B-bag's distressed leather or is it even more delicate?

  2. Oh, the reissue's leather is not similar to the B-bag. I don't know what leather the B-bag is, but I imagine it's calfskin?

    Ok - so I read on here that the reissue is a distressed calfskin. So, I'm not sure. I have both the B-bag and the reissue and I know the reissue is more delicate.
  3. i was told that the B-bag is goat skin... not sure how different is that to calf skin!
  4. But I think with the distressed calfskin leather and the look on the reissue, it makes reissue a little bit less fragile (thank goodness) from scratches (sp) compared to the smooth lambskin. :biggrin:
  5. My understanding is that the order of most delicate to least delicate is:
    1) Lambskin
    2) Calfskin
    3) Goatskin
    4) Regular leather.

    I know goatskin is commonly used for gloves and is considered very durable. There are mixed camps on calfskin which is used for book binding, fashion, and bags. I think the thing about calfskin is that it scratches easily. But with the distress treatment on the Reissue, I think that's not as much a problem. Lambskin is like a blank chalkboard just waiting to be marked up! But it is so butter soft.
  6. Artofacquisition was saying that the grey got marked up easily. Do grey owners find this to be true? If so, I imagine the lighter coloured reissues that will be coming out soon could have the same issue?
  7. I have the grey reissue and so far I haven't had any scratch yet on it. Although the softness of this leather which makes it more fragile to marks or scratch, but with the grey color and the distress looks on the leather, I imagine, that mark or scratch on the leather would not be so noticable. I think..:smile: also with the vintage over all look makes the reissue more wearable, more casual but still classy. Just my two cents.:biggrin:
  8. That's what I thought, Sweetea. But I don't have one, so I wasn't sure.
  9. Ooo Sweetea. You've got over 1000 posts now!
  10. Ooh - congrats sweetea!
  11. This is good info!:P
  12. I have my re-issue for 3 months now and had used it quite a bit...so far haven't noticed any scratches. The calfskin leather really holds up well.
  13. ^^What color do you have?
  14. Well, the inside of my grey re-issue has a mark from the chain( not that I care) I love it. wear it every 2 weeks or so.:love:

  15. It's a black 227 with gold straps.