2.55 Reissue on Bluefly - Made in SPAIN??

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  1. Just saw this on Bluefly -- black 2.55 reissue with gold hardware, selling for $2,160 (bluefly item #2061014)

    Bluefly - Designer apparel & accessories for women - save up to 75% every day - #2061014 - Chanel black quilted leather medium shoulder bag


    I got all excited....till I noticed that on the last line of the item description, it says made in SPAIN. Are Chanel bags ever made in Spain? I've never come across one made in Spain....only France or Italy. Is this another Bluefly fake? Or am I behind on my Chanel knowledge?
  2. I would be very leary. I know they had some problems with other bags being fake. I would love to see pictures of the inside, as well as the chain to see if it has the engraving on it.

    Also, the retail price is way to high for this bag.
  3. ^^ ...I bought the reissue in large(277) for retail 2090...this may be the jumbo (228) but still looks like retail is way inflated! does anyone know exact retail?
  4. I was wondering how much retail was also. It is a very vague description.
  5. omg, if it is REAL, i would buy it..lol...the bag is gorgeous!!! made in SPAIN?? humm....im no way near to being a Chanel expert so i have no clue....im gonna keep reading this thread to see what the other more knowledagable ladies think...hehee...
  6. I bought my "large" reissue for $2090. I think that price is inflated...
  7. $2700 is high.
  8. yah bluefly prices are way inflated. we aren't getting 20% off at all. and they have it described as medium when it should be jumbo!

    nice boots by the way! they look taller than me. LOL.
  9. Gorgeous boots!!!
  10. They retailed for almost $3,000 when they were available in Fall 2005. They were featured in the Devil Wears Prada:

  11. Look like Bluefly got new shipment on Chanel! But most these items are from past season & they're only 20% off. However it's flying out really fast for few hard to get items. Did anyone get anything? Don't forget there is a code for 15% off.
  12. Smoothoprter, that's a really good find!
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