2.55 reissue metalic dark RED

  1. Hi all,

    I actually went to Bergdorf G Chanel trunk show and instantly fell in love with 2.55 metalic dark red.they olny had 228 (the largest one)in dark red and it looked so good on me(I m 5.8).since I have 2 black 227 reissues,I wanted to get different sizes to wear differently.but they didn't order 228.

    my point is this - the shade of dark red in person doesn't have much metals which I really likes but I've seen some pics of metalic dark red here and the shade looks so different which has a lot more sheen,metals in it.

    can anyone confirm this color issue? and also has anyone seen dark reds in stores that I could get from? SA in BG weren't nice at all.very snooty...
    why do I need to deal with snooty people by paying almost $3000?

    thanks all in advance:heart:
  2. to clarify my thread, they only had 228 for the trunk show but didn't buy 228 for their stocks. sorry for confusing!
  3. We are all still waiting for the dark red 2.55

    I'm on a few waitlists for this bag in the 227 size and have received no calls yet, although I keep calling them.
  4. Hi! :smile: Hmm, this is what I was afraid of. :sad: The SA's with whom I spoke insist that the red reissue NM ordered is not metallic (crackled calkfskin, dark, almost brick red), and your description matches that. Even if the color code is the same (which it apparently is), I'm starting to think that the beautiful metallic res reissues we see are not coming home with those of us waitlisted at NM. :confused1:

  5. Except that Bergdorf received 2 dark reds already (and I believe one of our own PF'ers got one of them) and it's the same dark red metallic bag we've seen all over this forum. Also, we haven't seen any evidence of a different red bag to date.
  6. fieryfashionist my SA at NM said the same thing to me yesterday i.e. the dark red they are receiving is not metallic (crackled calkfskin, dark, almost brick red). It's really very confusing!
  7. the dark red that I saw at BG was almost like crackled calfskin in dark brick.
    but 2.55dark red looks totally metalic in the photos PFers put up.

    maybe there are two different dark red reissues?
  8. Ahh, okay. :smile: Well if that's the case, then maybe they are the same (hopefully). :heart: Nope, no evidence, just a lot of insisting from SA's (who hopefully don't know what they are talking about)! ;)

  9. Hi! :smile: Ohh, okay. I was told the same thing by a few different SA's. Maybe the pictures in the look book for NM suck haha... I don't know why else every SA I've spoken with would insist that the bag is non-metallic. :confused1: I guess when I see the bag IRL (and when others receive it... not sure if I will get it if it's a dark, brick red non-metallic), it will either obviously be the metallic red reissues we've seen many pictures of here, or something all together different (hoping for the former). :nuts: :heart:

  10. This is the red metallic in size 226 that I got from BG.

    From NM, I saw a swatch for the 08 dark red & it's not metallic. I have to wait & see for the 227 I'm waitlist for.
    metalic_red_226.jpg metalic_red_226_02.jpg

  11. Hi iluvchanel, I also saw the swatch in NM for the 08 dark red & it's non-metallic. However, I did check the color code & leather code for that swatch and compared it against the code of metallic dark red reissue we see in tpf, they are the same.
    I am not sure if the NM one is really non-metallic, but I am planning to return my metallic dark red 2.55 (size 225) to Chanel boutique, and wait for the NM one to come out because I want a non-metallic dark red reissue :p.
  12. thanks Iluvchanel for sharing your beautiful photos!
    the bag looks abolutely amazing!
    but I am sure it's not the same as one that I saw in person @ BG's trunk show if your photos are good enough to show the real shade of it.

    thanks again!!

  13. superfine77, now you have raised my hope for a non-metallic dark red reissue.
    And yes, I think iluvchanel's photo captures the shade (esp. the metallic sheen) of the metallic dark red reissue quite well, even though the metallic dark red reissue may look more coppery red when under certain lighting.
  14. I would really be surprised if NM did not get the same metallic red bag as BG because they are all under the same ownership. When I called BG to waitlist, they told me to try NM because their list was a mile long. Often the trunk show bags are not identical to what is ultimately produced. Plus - my recollection is that there was no color swatch for a red metallic anywhere - just a crackled calf, but all of the reds appear to be metallic nonetheless. To make it more interesting the Saks catalog (the new one) shows a metallic purple but refers to it as crackled calf. I guess that all of us who are waitlisted at NM will just have to wait and see, but I am betting that NM gets the metallic red.
  15. I'd really love to see what this color looks like in person:love: