2.55 reissue in black w/ gold hardware...

  1. I know Edna posted pics last week, but I can't find the link... anyone want to post pics of me to see???:yes:
  2. I can't work out how to link to Edna's pics, but here they are. Edna looks stunning!
    edna1.jpg edna2.jpg edna3.jpg edna4.jpg
  3. Thanks, Rose!

    are you planning on getting one?
  4. Edna, did you keep it?? I hope so, it is fabulous on you.
  5. ^ I still have it but I haven't cut the tags off yet! It's either this or the Oversized Coco Cabas tote in leather...which is coming to me on Friday. Two very different bags! :love:
  6. Edna, you have to post pics of the tote on you, being the same height as me and all!
  7. Yes, I think so!!! I am just a white metal person, so this is a tough decision. Its just sooooo beautiful!!
  8. Roey, I definitely will post pictures as soon as I get it! :yes:

    japskivt, so you're deciding between the 2005 with gold hardware + the 2006 with silver? I'm more of a silver girl, too, but for some reason, the gold just seemed so much more...luxe, to me. I've never seen the silver in real life. But my opinions are based on seeing the classic flap in black in both gold and silver, and the silver just didn't have that Chanel spark. :upsidedown:
  9. Edna , here is a pic of the white reissue with silver hardware I took at the store yesterday .
  10. I love the white in the window. The black in nice too, but I like silver hardware best.
  11. I have got the silver one :love: , love it and use it all the time. Having seen Edna's now , I am lusting for a gold one too- lock me up!
  12. Beautiful Rose! I love silver HW but doesn't the grass always look greener on someone else's Chanel?!
  13. Thanks.... the silver and gold option is difficult to choose between. I like both, but got the silver one and am very happy with it (especially since I also got the Hermes Kelly in black with gold!). However, there is always room for another Chanel in my collection and the reissue with the gold is sooooo beautiful , but I am going to be 'good' and only admire it from afar!
  14. Where did you take that pic?????? Saks, NM or Boutique????????
  15. Is the white reissue from last year?